BlockStart joined the 6th edition of the European Blockchain event, held between 13 and 16 December 2021

The European Blockchain Convention (EBC) was founded in 2018 by Victoria Gago and Daniel Salmerón with the mission to accelerate the blockchain ecosystem in Europe. The EBC is currently the leading blockchain event in Europe. This one-week comprehensive and multisectoral event tries to outmatch itself every year by inviting inspiring keynotes and by delivering high-level quality blockchain content through panel discussions and workshops. Everything from regulation and future challenges to new blockchain trends and technologies goes through this event, where one-to-one meetings and networking opportunities bring value to all involved in the European blockchain ecosystem.

After participating in the 5th edition of EBC in April this year (presenting its 3rd and final Open Call, accompanied by the testimonials of 4 finalists from the 1st acceleration programme: Datarella, Infidia, Kedeon and REXS.IO), BlockStart was once again invited to present at the 6th edition, held on 13 to 16 December, together with 4 startup finalists from the 2nd acceleration programme: ComeTogether, Knowtary, LoanXchain and Motoblockchain.

BlockStart’s Presentation

BlockStart’s participation at the EBC started with a short presentation from our coordinator João Fernandes, who shared the purpose and main results of the project. João introduced some of our ecosystem partners and external mentors, emphasizing their importance to our programme. Closing his presentation, he showcased some testimonials and impressive achievements from the projects that took part of the two previous acceleration programmes.

After this introduction, we moved on to the presentations of our startups, which mostly focused on the problems they wanted to solve, the solutions they found to do so and the impact BlockStart had in their technical and business advancements. First in the spotlight was ComeTogether. The problem that this company focused on was the ease with which ticket fraud happened, with static QR codes being the biggest flaw. To address this flaw, ComeTogether presented a new ticketing system supported by a blockchain protocol and a system of dynamic QR codes that change every 30 seconds. Through BlockStart’s support, ComeTogether was able to hire 2 more people, and also collaborate with 2 SMEs to test their solution.

Next, we had the participation of Knowtary, which is based on a certification system for digital documentation. For them, the problem is that the processes of contracts and this type of documentation are very time-consuming and expensive. Knowtary has thus created a blockchain-based app, where all this becomes simpler. With BlockStart, Knowtary was able to test its solution with 5 different companies.

LoanXchain proposes to facilitate the lending process through a systematic collaboration chain between banks and investors to make the lives of businesses and families easier. BlockStart facilitated networking so that the startup could test its solution in the real world, together with 3 SME adopters.

Finally, Motoblockchain is all about building trust between motorcycle buyers and sellers. To do this, it has built a solution where all the information about a particular product (motorcycle) can be stored, so that the buyer has access to it. In addition, it has developed blockchain devices that allow the identification of the motorcycle. With the help of BlockStart, Motoblockchain was able to test its solution in real life, partnering with 4 SME adopters.

Below, you can watch the presentation from BlockStart and its 4 startup finalists, which took place on 15 December, 13:30-14:00 CET:

BlockStart’s startups

  • ComeTogether (Thessaloniki, Greece): established in 2018, ComeTogether gives control of the entire lifecycle to event organizers, providing the infrastructure for event ticketing, fraud and scalping prevention along with secondary market revenue management. Their BackTogether solution is a Covid-19 passport, integrated into ComeTogether, that adds a health component to the tickets, to enable the safe restart of events.
  • Knowtary (Lisbon, Portugal): established in 2020, Knowtary is a web app that reduces document bureaucracy by validating and recognizing documents publicly and by fully integrating public and private identity and land registration mechanisms.
  • LoanXchain (Milan, Italy): established in 2017, LoanXchain is the first digital secondary loan marketplace, enabling lenders and investors to cooperate to finance the real economy.
  • Motoblockchain (Malaga, Spain): established in 2018, Motoblockchain provides motorcycles’ owners the infrastructure to create a Digital Identity of the motorcycle and it gives buyers the possibility to access the history of the motorcycle they want to buy.

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