Project Description

Munich, Germany
Established in 2013

Company Teaser

Datarella is an established provider of Industrial Blockchain Solutions and develops bespoke Blockchain-based innovations for and with their clients and partners with a strong emphasis on the supply chain and ICT sector. The company’s clients come from a variety of sectors: aid, insurance, automotive, manufacturing, finance, media, and politics. Key customers include the United Nations/WFP/UNW, UK Department for International Development (“DFID”), Siemens and Wirecard.

Datarella & BlockStart

For Blockstart, Datarella aims to provide Track and Trust to one or more SMEs to adapt it to their
business and improve the overall quality of the product. Datarella’s goal is to move from proof of
concept to a pilot level. The company believes strongly in an evidence-based design approach. In the
ideation kick-off phase, Datarella will match up with at least one SME partner who wishes to digitize
their supply chain and knows the critical supply chain stakeholders. Following this, during the
Prototype phase Datarella will confirm system requirements by reaching out to these stakeholders to
ensure that the product adoption meets the goals of the users. The main goal here will be to confirm
that Track & Trust is can indeed digitize the business processes in the host SME supply chain. In the
pilot phase, Datarella will deploy the system and onboard the supply chain stakeholders to
ensure adoption. A live test shipment may be used to validate the design and facilitate user acceptance

Meet the team

Yukitaka Nezu, CFO

Yuki is co-founder and CFO at Datarella. As an experienced investment manager in the field of direct
private equity and infrastructure investments, Yukitaka Nezu adds value to Datarella with his investor
spirit and his in-depth expertise in corporate finance

Rebecca Johnson, Blockchain Architect

Rebecca Johnson is a blockchain architect working at the intersection of technology and transcultural
communication. At Datarella she is focused on requirements engineering, project management, and
governance. Rebecca is a founding member of the European Blockchain Association and serves as its
head of operations. Additionally, she is product owner for Track & Trust, Datarella’s Supply Chain

Funding received under BlockStart: € 1,000 (Ideation Kick-off)