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Bright Pixel is a company builder studio and early-stage investor actively supporting startups and reducing the risk of new venturing projects. It works on the assumption that putting together industry partners, technology, incubation and investment contributes to launching better and more robust tech-based companies and products into the market. Bright Pixel focuses its investments on B2B software projects in the areas of retail, cybersecurity, telecommunications and emerging technologies like blockchain, AI, big data, IoT and VR/AR.

Benjamin Júnior
Benjamin JúniorManaging Partner @Bright Pixel
Frederico Santos
Frederico SantosSenior Investment Associate @Bright Pixel
João Fernandes
João FernandesProject Manager & Investment Analyst @Bright Pixel
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CIVITTA  is a leading independent management consultancy in Emerging Europe. CIVITTA covers a wide range of services, including management consulting, grants and project management, market research and customer data analytics, entrepreneurship support and startups, public policy and development. CIVITTA also works beyond home markets – flexible approach and international mindset have ensured successful cooperation with clients in 40+ countries, resulting in more than 10,000 completed projects.

Jovita Tautkevičiūtė
Jovita TautkevičiūtėInnovation Consultant @CIVITTA
Laura Šėrytė
Laura ŠėrytėProject Manager @CIVITTA
Vytautas Černiauskas
Vytautas ČerniauskasExpert @CIVITTA
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F6S is a leading global founder and startup network that helps public sector entities around the world to promote, communicate and disseminate technical and research projects. F6S stands for F-ounder-S. Our mission is to help founders and startups grow to solve the world’s pressing social, economic, environmental, sustainability and innovation problems. In addition to F6S’ work with governmental entities, we also work with corporates, investors, research institutions, programs, universities and others in the global startup ecosystem. F6S tools deliver company growth through grants, partnerships, funding, investment, pilot contracts, partnerships, jobs & talent recruitment and company services.

António Damasceno
António DamascenoEU Projects Manager @F6S
Inês Melo e Faro
Inês Melo e FaroCommunication Manager @F6S
Nadine Teles
Nadine TelesEU Projects Manager @F6S

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