Blockchain Partnership Programme Overview

Connecting top DLT/ blockchain startups and SMEs with great and challenging real case scenarios is our priority and focus. What’s more, you’ll meet some of the most thoughtful investors, corporates and likeminded entrepreneurs and gain valuable exposure. And that’s not all. Selected companies receive funding (no equity) and are offered business coaching/ mentoring to scale up their solutions.

Through BlockStart, you are part of a thriving community that can get support, share experiences and grow together. You’ll receive hands on mentoring and intensive training within your specific industry vertical, as well as coaching and investor connections from BlockStart’s partners to make the most of your interactions with new partners and potential customers.

 Take a look at our 3-year journey:

Boost Your Business

Gain nurtured relationships with key potential customers through feedback sessions, training, pilots and demos

€795,000 in total (up to €20,000 for DLT developers, up to €4,500 for SMEs/ adopters)
No equity taken to participate, just your commitment

Immersive, hands-on technology and business support, with plenty of time to validate your product/ market fit

Access to other founders, venture capital firms, angel investors and intermediaries

BlockStart is designed for a specific type of disrupter

We’re looking for DLT /blockchain startups / SMEs ready to work with an adopter SME.

BlockStart is a pan-European DLT/ blockchain partnership programme. We’re looking for seed-, early- and growth-stage startups/ SMEs from all over the EU and H2020 associated countries, and provide you with the chance to build goal-oriented, business-focused, and mutually beneficial partnerships with SME adopters of blockchain solutions.

The programme starts with the Ideation Kick-off, after which the most successful developers are admitted to a 4-month prototype phase aimed at supporting the blockchain product/ market fit. During the actual pilot phase (2 months), you’ll have a unique opportunity to refine your product, grow your business, and work closely with potential customers – to identify the blockchain solution that best meets their requirements.

BlockStart’s Blockchain Partnership Program is brought to you by Bright Pixel, CIVITTA and F6S and is funded by the EC’s H2020 programme for Research and Innovation.

Think collaboration, not competition

We are building out this programme to be one that focuses on the culture of collaboration: between both technology developers and adopters. We strive to build a community around shared values.

Drive tangible growth and inspire change

We look for clear, tangible innovation, and expect you to speak your mind, challenge us and be ready to back up your arguments. Yet, our bigger mission is to help you move from ideation towards initial/ test customers, and product and/ or market experimentation.

No fee charged and no equity taken

The programme is free of charge, funded by the Horizon 2020 program of the European Commission. We do not take any equity in your company and you have full ownership of your IP.

Programme Outline

At least 20 DLT/ blockchain developers selected (per Call)

1:4 developer to adopter ratio (per Call)

Take a look at our 3-year journey: