Blockchain Partnership Programme

Business ideas are easy, piloting is what matters.

We are helping blockchain/ DLT startups & SMEs to introduce their solutions to the market, bringing impact at scale.

Up to €20,000 are devoted to fine-tune blockchain/ DLT technologies and implement commercial pilots in innovative SME adopters working in fintech, ICT and retail sectors.

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Up to €20,000 equity free in cash, plus the opportunity to pilot in real life and
with real users

BlockStart supports blockchain/ DLT startups & developers with big ideas and the passion to make them happen. Over an agile piloting program we’ll help you fine-tune, test and demo your solution with innovative SMEs (adopters) willing to approach blockchain & other DLTs.

Along the way, we provide you with a streamlined access to strategic partners, industry experts, top-tier customers and follow-on investors.

Equity Free Funding

€795,000 in total, plus access to training, growth support services and additional resources

Market Validation

A 3-stage immersive program (Ideation Kick-off > Prototype > Pilot), with a customized curriculum, covering everything from prototype, testing, demonstration, and pilot

Network & Community

Access to clients and potential investors, plus hands-on mentoring from a world-class community of experts/ advisors

Our Main Focus




Open Call #3 Timeline

“BlockStart enabled us to leverage a thriving environment of mentors and SMEs to improve our product and pull off a successful pilot. This experience provided us real value for our business, both from a technical and business perspective.”

Mattia D’Alessandra, Co-founder & CEO, LoanXChain

“BlockStart helped Infidia to overcome the reasons that are causing many startups to fail. Having KPIs to meet and a mentor that advises and oversees proved to be of the highest value for our type of endeavor. It is because an incentive to structure the product, and then move fast to acquire users to test and give feedback is the only way up. Therefore, besides support by funding, the added value of BlockStart is of immense importance when building a product”

Dimitar Anastasovski, CTO, Infidia

“We are very excited to have been given the opportunity to collaborate with experienced mentors who provided valuable advice in many aspects of our business. In addition, we got a lot of support/sponsorship for attending industry events, where we increased further our networking. Last but not least, the funding provided by the programme enabled more team members to come back and work full-time once again.”

Efstathios Mitskas, Co-founder & Head of Product, ComeTogether

“The BlockStart programme helped us to find the perfect target customer segment for our product, validate our technology, and test it with European SMEs. Our assigned mentor was a great help along the way, guiding us through all necessary documents and deliverables, making it a much more enjoyable experience.”

Reinis Skorovs, Founder/CEO, Kedeon

“BlockStart is a commercial focused program where DLT startups can prototype new ideas, test and improve them hand in hand with the users. It is a great format to do a full product cycle fast from ideation to commercialization.”

Maria Mateo Iborra , Co-founder, IBISA

“Even though BlockStart was entirely remotely due to Corona, this program was a big success for Datarella. The potential adopters helped us seeing our “Track & Trust” product from the perspective of stakeholders differently from our intended customers. During the development stage, we managed to improve our product from an MVP-stage close to market-readiness. The KPI definition and frequent calls with our mentor made it easier to focus on the important aspects of our product and held us accountable.”

Martin Schäffner, Blockchain Architect, Datarella

“Like a professional egg incubator, BlockStart knows what they are doing. From the right room temperature (support process, startup ecosystem and mentoring aid), to the follow up process approach that kept our team aligned with the solution development, all was in place at the right time.”

Rui Serapicos, CEO, Knowtary

“Our participation in BlockStart brings the opportunity to get feedback and insights from the European blockchain industry. We feel like we are getting one step closer to our potential customers, thanks to the programme”

Agata Kukwa, Head of Communications,

“Blockstart offered us a huge support in the development of our solution. We received training focus on improving our Blockchain and market knowledge, we were supported with amazing mentorship sessions, we gained access to people able to share their experience with us and to help us in taking the right decision. We also found really useful to work with strict deadline: it helped us in reaching the goal as stated in our roadmap in time. It was decisively a great positive experience that supported us during these four months, and it also leaves to us an established networking that we will use to improve our product and our market penetration”

Simone Brighina, CEO & Co-Founder, Motoblockchain

“Participating in blockstart took us from zero offer on blockchain, to develop a prototype, engage with SMEs and other startups to the final result: an update on our value proposition that led us to 3 new customers! We started as a logistics monitoring company and evolved to an asset certified provenance business! Although the program is finishing this is not the end. The strong network of mentors, cohort startups and SMEs will continue to push us forward in our vision to be the number 1 company for asset provenance based on blockchain.”

Tiago Andrade, CMO, Sensefinity

“Blockstart was a very interesting experience that allowed us to have close contact with several projects that use blockchain in such different ways to generate impact. We are thrilled to have had the opportunity of working closely with one the projects and integrating both our technologies, materialising in a full-working pilot.”

Ricardo Mendes, Co-founder, CTO, Vawlt

“Participating in the BlockStart program was very useful for us to plan and organize future digital involvement in our core business. Understanding the technology, their limitations, and the applicability to our use-case and daily use. It will help us to position ourselves better to address the market and improve our competitivity.”

Sara Vieira, Co-founder, Go Limpets

“Blockstart has provided an excellent opportunity for us to implement and test the latest technology solutions. This provides added value to our operations and solves our need for a monitoring solution for our recently launched service. This enables us to become the most innovative grocery delivery service in Latvia!”

Rolands Dzenis, Marketing/e-store manager, Deliv

“Blockstart is a very great program for SMEs to implement and test out some of the latest technologies and solutions. We were happy to join this program that helps to shape the future of our industry and be one of the early adopters. Blockstart provides great communication and framework for us to work with technology providers.”

Mārtiņš Muzikants, IT and development manager, Birojs

“BlockStart supported us to get in touch with a talented DLT/blockchain startup. Thus, it has helped us to accelerate our internal development process and improved our knowledge base. During our common pilot project, we strengthen our collaboration, we shared resources and created synergies. Consequently, now we are in the position to introduce a new service for our potential clients. This way of collaborating is essential for hindering the barriers for blockchain adaption.”

Vasileios Panagiotidis, Founder and Member of the Board of Directors, e-swissolar

Tailored support & advice

We’re looking for seed-, early-, growth-stage startups and SMEs. Our focus is blockchain and other DLTs. We’ll match you with end-user SMEs across fintech, ICT, retail. And that’s not all. You’ll have a direct access to a hand-picked community of  investors, subject matter experts, and founders.

No strings attached

BlockStart is fully supported by the European Commission. Hence, we do not charge fees, nor do we take any equity. Our mission is to discover and back Europe’s most talented blockchain/ DLT innovators, help them implement their solutions in real-world commercial pilots and attract follow-on investment.

Hassle-free application experience

We understand your time is precious. Therefore, we developed a streamlined application process with limited paperwork, quick approval, and milestone-based funding. Applying to BlockStart should be as fruitful and productive as participating.

If you don’t succeed at first…

BlockStart will launch three Open Calls. If you’re not accepted to this one, you may apply again in the next round. Feel free to reach out via F6S in case of any doubts. We’re always on the lookout for innovative, ambitious founders keen to be the next blockchain disruptors.

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