Local food distribution center operating a Short Food Supply Chain in the North-Eastern part of Slovenia (Pomurje Region)

Murska Sobota, Slovenia
Established in 2018


Teaser of the company

Zelena Tocka is a distribution center running the short food supply chain network with vegetables, fruits, and other local products. Since its establishment, its mission is to connect local farmers with end-consumers and offer them local, fresh, and healthy food. The company manages to cover end-customers from the entire region of Pomurje (North-Eastern part of Slovenia) and includes different public institutions (kindergartens, schools, hospitals, etc.) into the Short Food Supply Chain. Its vision is to share the company’s approach and best practice within the SEE region. 

Zelena Tocka has tested, validated and adopted Datarella‘s blockchain-based solution in the scope of BlockStart:

Track and Trust

track & trust.com

Why has the company decided to implement the solution: Short Food Supply Chains are traditionally small supply chains lacking knowledge, skills, and resources to implement advanced solutions into their systems. A cooperation under BlockStart project and with a company like Datarella having knowledge, skills, and support measures in place to support the company in digital transformation, was considered the right approach to make sure that the company’s traceability system can be improved in future.

Added value of the solution to the company: The challenges in local food distribution are the following:

  • Food fraud prevention in the sense of making sure that the source of products is local
  • Lack of transparency through the entire SFSC
  • Lack of product/producer information accessible to the customer
  • Lack of verifiable digital identity of participants in SFSCs
  • Accessibility of food certification information (integrated, ecological, protected geographical identity)
  • Lack of knowledge and resources to equip SFSCs with IT systems

To ensure transparency, traceability, and trust of the local food production, blockchain technology presents the natural technology fit in the so-called Short Food Supply Chain.

What has been done during BlockStart’s pilot stage: Initial presentation meetings have focused on presenting the current process in Zelena Točka – starting with the farmers who are producing local food, continuing with logistics/storage operations, and finishing with all sales channels (physical stores, web-stores, gross sales). Focus was also to present current software solutions used and required to be integrated with the blockchain technology in implementation phase. Datarella GmbH solution “Track & Trust” was presented to the company, including different implementation scenarios and future development plans. Finally, actual testing of a showcase prepared by Datarella was executed including several persons taking different roles in the supply chain. The work was done remotely by using video conferencing tool and different mobile devices to simulate the digital identities confirming steps in the supply chain. The company’s impressions after the Pilot testing are quite positive since it has had the chance to work with an actual solution and has identified some important features for its implementation in the future.


Meet the Team

Denis Topolnik
Denis Topolniksenior expert and specialist
Denis Topolnik is a senior expert and specialist with more than 18 years of experience in leading projects in the area of Agrifood, Agricultural economy, rural development, marketing and research and development.
Karmen Lainšček
Karmen Lainšček
Zlatko Kranjec
Zlatko Kranjecexpert in Short Food Supply Chain
Zlatko is an expert in Short Food Supply Chain, working with farmers and farmer cooperatives for more than 5 years. His excellent knowledge as a commercialist, which is backed up by great communication skills provide him an amazing starting point for the development of the supply chains in the region.

Zelena Tocka ( Green point) acts as a local food distribution center, organizing an SFSC in the North-Eastern part of Slovenia (Pomurje region). It is one of our priorities to start solving the problem of food fraud, by preventing counterfeiting of local food origin and making sure that final customers have origin guarantee. A blockchain based solution from Datarella provided under BlockStart was the perfect chance to test the scenario of tracking the origin from Farm to the store.

Denis Topolnik, President, Zelena Tocka

Total funding received by Zelena Tocka TRANS z.o.o. under BlockStart: €3,000  for Pilot stage