Project Description

Knowtary exists to reduce document bureaucracy by validating and recognizing documents publicly and fully integrating public and private identity and land registration mechanisms

Lisbon, Portugal
Established in 2020

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Knowtary digitally supports any entity that examines contractual agreements, signatures, land registry documents, and gives the requestors their public document certification or signature/stamp that such registry/transaction is verified. Knowtary exists to reduce environmental costs and paper waste caused by excess document bureaucracy, and to make the integration of notarial processes in all Europe, promoting SMEs’ productivity.

Knowtary will test and validate the following blockchain-based solution in the scope of BlockStart:


knowtary demo

Knowtary blockchain solution allows for the immutable verification and certification of documents and signatures. By creating a notary hash and storing it on the blockchain it becomes proof of the existence of the content. This system is corroborated by the verification of notary agents that certify the veracity of the contents of the file, thus providing a legal framework of validation. All the notarization process is done through an easy to use interface on the Knowtary app where endusers can quickly and remotely do all the notarization process. They will initiate it by verifying their signature (that may be integrated with the national digital identities) and then proceed to create
documents and share them with the other parties.

All the process will be validated with the Notary agent. Our solution is blockchain agnostic, meaning we can use many different blockchain platforms. Our smart contracts will be initially deployed on Ethereum and then we will deploy Hyperledger nodes. Knowtary value proposition and strategy is to focus on creating value by acquiring new customers (notaries, lawyers, and SME), cross-selling new data services (information services for notaries, automation services for lawyers, and lead time optimization to SMEs). This application digitally supports European multi-stakeholder activity that examines contractual agreements, signatures, land registry documents, such as SMEs, Lawyers, Notaries, and land registry officials.

Meet the Team

Rui Serapicos
Rui SerapicosCEO
Rui Serapicos is an entrepreneur with extensive experience in IT, and BPR. Vast experience in international sectors such as Banking, Telecos, Pharma, Retail & Services. Career in several organizations, including Gartner, Boyden and GE Capital. MBA by IMD, BSc. from the Univ. of London and Diploma in Strategy and Innovation from MIT.
Thiago Vinícius de Souza
Thiago Vinícius de SouzaCTO
Technical Co-founder with 15 years of experience working on software development and integration for small and large corporations
Lívia Cynara Prates Thomé
Lívia Cynara Prates ThoméLegal Researcher
Attorney with strong knowledge in international and privacy law (GDPR). Educational background includes Master in International Law, a Certificate in IoT and Blockchain and currently is a PhD student in Digital Government and Blockchain at ULisboa
Alona Sorochynska
Alona SorochynskaData Scientist
Data Analyst with IT background (recovering of information, web design, system administration, hardware tester, computer building, photographer, office administration, etc.

Knowtary’s achievements

Total funding received by CLEVERVERSION LDA under BlockStart: €1,000  for Ideation Kick-off event