Certification service capable of demonstrating the environmental commitment in the transition process to “Plastic Free”

Bellante, Italy

Established in 2019


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Rethink, renew and rebalance the unnatural conditions of the production processes of your business. A global tool aimed at companies that want to reduce CO2 emissions and inorganic plastic pollution.

Communicate your sustainable choice to the world…

Testify and Innature yourself.

Plastic Free Certification has tested, validated and adopted Knowtary‘s blockchain-based solution in the scope of BlockStart:


Why has the company decided to implement the solution: The certification process requires sensitive information about the production processes of our clients, and we thought it was very important for them to be sure that their data are completely safe and reliable. Furthermore, with regard to the data of the certification process, which continues over several years, the consistency and immutability of some of them is essential for the core business of Plastic Free Certification. During the covid emergency we worked remotely, and also the auditors. So it is important for us to ensure also to the auditors safety, authenticity and  accuracy of the customers’ monitoring files, documents and pictures necessary for auditing. We were also looking for an easy way to allow our customers to sign the necessary documents for certification.

Added value of the solution to the company: The Certification Plastic Free is implemented on a well-defined sequence of phases and continues over several years. Each phase is in fact a particular photograph of the customer’s status with regard to plastic materials and the reduction work. This complex process requires a system that ensures the consistency of the data to guarantee reliability towards the customer. The customer must be sure that his data are kept securely and that they are not manipulated improperly with respect to the Plastic Free Standard that is the basis of the certification process. Knowtary’s solution responds to our needs through an interface that is easy to access and easy to use. In addition, the assessment files are subjected to constant changes. A system is therefore required that keeps track of changes and versions to these files.

What has been done during BlockStart’s pilot stage: During the Pilot stage first of all we analized with Knowtary the whole process of the Plastic Free Certification. So, we had several discussions about the requirements of the solution we could need for the Certification. After, we focused on the KPIs and the objectives of the prototype and Knowtary went on on the development. We thought it was necessary for the flow of the Certification to create multiple profiles for the solution, because in the certification process are involved not only the customer but also the auditor and the Certification Committee. For sure, each user has different needs and specific authorization to access to the documentation. Next step was to test the webapp proposed by Knowtary, so we had the opportunity to access to the customized webapp and to see how it work the document creation. Finally, we defined what kind of documents will be notarized and which documents could be signed as smart contract.

Meet the Team

Zaira Di Paolo
Zaira Di PaoloSole director
President of a company engaged for years in Plastic Free, that created first municipality in the world that has abolished the consumption of plastic derived from oil in its territory.
Giuseppe Cinquegrana_
Giuseppe Cinquegrana_Director
Founder and CEO of one of the fast growing companies about green economy in the last ten years and pioneer of Plastic Free movement in Italy. Permacultor, raised in a family of sailors, lives the dream of a life of natural choices.
Francesco Di Perna
Francesco Di PernaCTO
IT “Agile” with 20 years of experience, careful to new technologies but always at the service of man. Engaged in projects related to the solidarity economy that he firmly believes in.
Giorgia Tortiello
Giorgia TortielloProject manager
Lover of writing and of the human being, with only belief: “otro mundo es posible”. As educator of children and adolescents in Chiapas, Mexico, she came in contact with realities of profound marginalization and social inequality.
Laura Lo Presti
Laura Lo PrestiPFC foreign communication
surrounded by nature and her cats. She collaborates with the Zero Waste Research Centre in Capannori (Lucca) for environmental education for children and adults.

Paolo Vasi
Paolo VasiTraining Manager
After humanistic training and working experiences in public administration, he decided to take off for a long journey. He leaved for South America and arrived in Chiapas, Mexico, where he collaborated with NGOs in educational projects to support the indigenous community tzotzil.
Giacomo Di Marco
Giacomo Di MarcoAccountant Director
Young Certified Public Accountant, specialized on consulting for new companies involved in environmental protection, innovation and new
technologies. Sensitive to solidarity and passionate about cuisine, he enjoys creative activities and Tango Argentino.
Emanuele Troli
Emanuele TroliAuditor Coordinator
After a business degree and an experience in Navy, developed skills in auditing and consulting for companies. In 2010, he founded a company of applied research for sea and innovation, committed on national and
international projects to protect the sea and its biodiversity. His mission is the protection of the oceans and a sustainable maritime development.
Donà Michele
Donà MicheleMedia marketing director
Born in Treviso, he lives with Giulia and Celeste in Teramo, where he works as a digital communication consultant. Passionate about linguistics (such as Science that studies the spoken word), Communication, Literature and digital platforms to better understand the building of the life world.

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“The participation in the BlockStart program has been an amazing experience for Plastic Free Certification. We had the opportunity to know more about blockchain, to meet startups/PMI with wonderful ideas and to show everyone our project too. As an end-user SME, Plastic Free Certification really appreciated the great work and attention that SME Developers have reserved us. It has been a great sharing of experience with the SME Developers who work with us to provide the best blockchain solution for the services that we provide to our clients.”

FRANCESCO DI PERNA, CTO, Plastic Free Certification

Total funding received by PLASTIC FREE CERTIFICATION S.R.L. under BlockStart: €4,500 (€1,500  for Ideation Kick-off event + €3,000 for Pilot Stage)