Project Description

Motoblockchain: the Digital Identity Platform for your Motorcycle

Málaga, Spain
Established in 2018

Teaser of the company

Motoblockchain provides to motorcycle’s owners the infrastructure to create the Digital Identity and to the buyers the possibility to access the history of the motorcycle they want to buy.

Owners can upload the proofs of any investment done in taking care of their motorcycles: invoices, mileage, revisions, tuning, accessories, etc.

Buy accessing this information, the buyers are now willing to pay the right price for the motorcycle, as well as for the modifications, tuning and accessories.

The motorcycle can autonomously upload data into the Digital Identity, while the mechanic can remotely access the motorcycle and warn customers about dangerous failures detected by our system.

Motoblockchain will test and validate the following blockchain-based solution in the scope of BlockStart:

The future is today: let your motorcycle being able to create autonomously his own Digital Identity in the Blockchain and give to the mechanics the power to assist remotely their customers and to generate value from the stored information 

Motoblockchain offers a Motorcycle Digital Identity based on privacy by design and DLT technologies: it collects the documentation about the history of the motorcycles and it uses Blockchain to make it tamper proof, while giving to the user full control over it in a full GDPR compliant system.

Owners can save all the information related with motorcycle’s life in our platform that is constantly connected with the Blockchain: owner’s history, mileage in time, invoices and money invested in modifications, accessories, improvements, revisions, as well as all the photos of the related components.

Every user can decide the level of privacy of each document, he can decide with whom to share it and finally he can use it to create trust with the buyer so generating added value during the sales process.

The Digital Identity created is inherited by the new owner after that the motorcycle sales ends.

The Motorcycle Digital Identity system creates trust and provides symmetry of the information between users, consequently it solves the asymmetry of information problem that affects every second hand market.

But we want to go a step further by making the Motorcycle constantly connected, being able to send autonomously useful data and to contribute in building his own Digital Identity.

We also want to gift to early adopter mechanics the power to access anytime the motorcycle brain and to be alerted of any motorcycle failure remotely.

 Now imagine a mechanic able to contact the owners proactively and aware them of possible critical failures: how much can he contribute to the security of the owner that, instead, should be able only to visualize a standard warning light and, maybe, ignore it?

How useful is the power to prevent any possible damage to any possible living being?

In the future we plan to integrate also a SSI architecture able to offer SSI services cross-chain for users and motorcycles.

Meet the Team

Simone Brighina
Simone BrighinaCEO
Simone is the Co-Founder of the project.
He was able to join his passions for motorcycle and technology with the aim to create the Motoblockchain project by following the Lean Start-up methodology.
He has an extensive curriculum covering Sales, Project Management, Product Management, Trainee positions.
He spent the first part of his career working in the Automotive sector and the last 15 years working for the leaders of the IT sectors.
In order to better lead the development team in Motoblockchain, in 2020 he took the Product Owner and Scrum Master certifications
Manuela Del Romano
Manuela Del RomanoCMM and Co-Founder
Manuela is in charge to lead the marketing campaigns and the social network strategy.
Her experience in the marketing sector, her courses with Google and IAB Spain and her past experience in another self-employed project, gave her a deep knowledge and expertise in the sector.
She is also in charge of the content creation as experienced copywriter who already worked in several blogs related with the automotive sector
Carlos Callejo
Carlos CallejoCTO & Blockchain Leader
Carlos is a Blockchain expert with a proven career working.
in DLT projects covering different sectors and applications: STO, Tokenization, Traceability, DEFI, etc.
He is covering the role of CTO with special focused on the development of the Blockchain Architecture.
He is also CEO at Block Impulse, a Blockchain Development company, and Technical Director in Stocken Capital.
He is the Director of the Applied Blockchain Master at
He is the writer of: “Cryptocurrency for Dummies”(2020)
Diego Markich
Diego MarkichIOT Developer
Diego is an Electronics and Communications Engineer.
He is responsible for the HW development of our new product that it is designed to transform the motorcycle into an autonomous vehicle able to connect directly with the Blockchain
He is the CEO at Markich Design: a company specialized in technology development of HW IOT & electronic systems with embedded software
Alessandro Buzzi
Alessandro BuzziAWS Specialist
Alessandro is an expert and certified AWS provider who is in charge to migrate our platform to AWS cloud and to configure our hosting based on market needs.
He is CEO at Iabaduu,,a company focused on: Cloud migration, Web Development, App Development, CRM implementation and customization, Online invoicing, Digital Transformation.
He is also a Project manager focused on web-based application delivery and expert in business process reengineering.

Motoblockchain’s achievements

Media features

Total funding received by Motoblockchain S.L. under BlockStart: €1,000  for Ideation Kick-off event