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Improving community prosperity

Sevilla, Spain

Established in 2018

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Comunitaria works to make communities more prosperous and economically sovereign by promoting the local economy with social currencies.

Comunitaria tested and validated the following blockchain-based solution in the scope of BlockStart:

Rooftop that Feeds

Rooftop that Feeds

“Rooftop that Feeds” use  donations to buy solar cells for the rooftops of deprived neighbourhoods, the electricity produced is then sold to the local commerce, the local commerce pay this electricity (to neighbours) using a digital community currency (instead of Euros), neighbours use the digital token to buy fresh food at the local commerce. Donation has a recurrent production (in local fresh food) equal to the lifespan of the solar cells. 

Technical development during Prototype stage

During the development of Rooftop that Feeds, the following technical developments have taken place:

  • As MVP, solar panels were already installed on top of the Candelaria Church and an open-source power meter to measure photovoltaic power produced was installed (IotaWatt)

  • Also our IoT hub device (PATIO) was installed that runs a service that periodically reads the smart meters’s logs and publishes the measured data to our SaaS and to IOTA’s DLT. Our purpose is to save data as close as possible from where the energy exchanges were generated, without being manipulated by third parties. The service running in the PATIO device is open source and publicly available.

  • Our BlockStart challenge is to be able to invoice the merchants with the electricity produced in ILLAs (our local community currency).

Business development during Prototype stage

During the development of Rooftop that Feeds, the following business developments have taken place:

  • Local shops are willing to try out the consumption of electricity from the energy produced on the rooftop of the Candelaria Church (our MVP). The key to build trust in us by the local shop it’s been a year of dealing with our community currency, so it’s a battle tested customer adoption test.

  • SMEs interested in testing the solution in Pilot stage 

  • Photovoltaic providers: SME (Grupo Cuerva) who is an EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) photovoltaic plant and also a seller (marketers) and an SME (Barter Energy) specialized in “Energy communities” creation, both will help finance the installation of solar panels.

  • HOAs (Homeowners Associations): They’re the KEY SME ADOPTERS for us, they’re the ones validating the business case: use their rooftop to receive a local currency to buy at the local commerce.

  • Charities: The local church La Candelaria: they’re already having a discount in their electricity bill, we want them to accept ILLAs as payments for the electricity their rooftops is providing.

  • Local shops willing to contract the energy produced at the rooftops of the neighbourhood: the other KEY SME ADOPTERS as they need to be willing to change their electricity provider and pay partly their electricity with our local currency.

  • Lessons learned: the project needs donations or public finance for the installation of solar panels. The premium risk for privately financing the installation in a deprived area is so high (65%) that makes the project non viable otherwise. Thankfully our neighbourhood of “Los Pajaritos” (inside the Cerro-Amate District of Seville) is likely to be included as “Entorno Residencial de Rehabilitación Programada (ERRP)” and therefore able to receive funds from the aid programmes for residential rehabilitation and social housing of the “Plan de Recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia” from the Next Generation EU funds, meaning that it can receive up to 100% of CAPEX cost.

  • Product roadmap – After pilot: Develop a dashboard to be able to manage various HomeOwners Associations (energy producers) together with various local shops (energy consumers) for different neighbourhoods.

  • Business roadmap/go-to-market strategy – After pilot: 

    • Replicate the MVP of Church “La Candelaria” in the 4 aligned homeowners associations in calle Celestino López Martínez. (4 months from completion)
    • Look for Next Generation EU funds for the energy rehabilitation of the entire neighbourhood. (6 months from completion)
    • Replicate in other Sevillian neighbourhoods (9 months from completion)
    • Replicate in other Spanish areas (12 months from completion)
    • Replicate in a low income EU Country neighbourhood. (24 months from completion)

Meet the Team

Miguel Prados
Miguel PradosCEO
MBA IE, MBA Icade, MSc engineering, expert in Ethical Finance by the Social Banking Institute. Founder of open source DLT initiatives
Luciano Silvi
Luciano SilviCTO
Computer Analyst from the Faculty of Mathematics, Astronomy and Physics. He has worked as a software researcher in the National Commission for Space Activities in Argentina
Elena Silva
Elena SilvaCOO
Social impact specialist and project manager in charge of operations at, she’s a volunteer. MBA
Belén García
Belén GarcíaCMO
MSc in Social Media and Digital Marketing. Market Research specialist

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“We are delighted that BlockStart has promoted the search for partners who want to test our blockchain solution to fight malnutrition and poverty through solar energy. This is the highlight of the programme, which is very well mentored, helping you to think about the practical side of your developments with stakeholders who may be interested and involved.”

ELENA SILVA, COO, Comunitaria

Total funding received by Comunitaria de Servicios a Comunidades SL. under BlockStart: €16,000 (€1,000 for Ideation Kick-off and €15,000 for Prototype stage)