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Established in 2010

Teaser of the Company

We focus on energy efficiency and sustainability projects under the energy services modality, that is, CACTUS is not just an engineering company, not just an integrator and installer, not just a maintainer, but all at the same time, a comprehensive energy services company. .

We have no dependency, commercial or corporate relationship with energy trading companies, manufacturers or distributors of equipment, or installers or maintenance companies. This independence allows us to select the best solution for each project, taking only the needs of our clients into account.

We are committed to the development of an industrial fabric of small and medium-sized collaborating companies in the development of projects. In this way, it is possible, on the one hand, to optimize customer service with resources close to and familiar with the problems of each project and, on the other hand, to contribute to business development and local employment as one more aspect of the sustainability of our proposals.

CACTUS has tested, validated and adopted Comunitaria’s blockchain-based solution in the scope of BlockStart:


Rooftop that Feeds

Why has the company decided to implement the solution: Getting involved in such an innovative project brings value to our company. That’s why we wanted to offer our services and help create a sustainable energy community that helps reduce poverty.


Added value of the solution to the company: This solution fits perfectly with the values of our company and brings us the learning of new technologies needed to improve our services.


What has been done during BlockStart’s pilot stage: Previously, we had made the first installation of solar panels in the church of Candelaria. Now we are going to make the second installation of panels in another church to collaborate in the creation of Comunitaria energetic community. 


Meet the Team

José María Flores Canales
José María Flores Canales CEO
Industrial Engineer from the University of Seville. Senior Management Program by Instituto San Telmo

Previously, he developed his professional career at Telvent for more than 20 years, with extensive managerial experience, including 4 years as head of the subsidiary in the USA/Canada.

Raquel Abad García-Rojo
Raquel Abad García-RojoFinancial Director
Degree in Economic Sciences from the University of Seville.

More than 15 years of experience in management and financial direction

María Dolores Vélez Utrera
María Dolores Vélez UtreraCommercial Director
Chemical Engineer from the University of Seville.

10 years of experience in commercial management, offers and public tenders

It is a tool to ensure the accuracy of the information and prevent fraud. It also allows us to work with new technologies and new trends. It has been developed with SMEs in mind, but is also relevant to other types of entities. This method will also allow us to recognize our potential and participate in the potential of the rest of the members of the BlockStart program.

María Dolores Vélez Utrera | Raquel Abad García-Rojo, Commercial Director | Financial Director - CACTUS

Total funding received by CACTUS SERVICIOS ENERGÉTICOS S.L. under BlockStart: €3,000 for Pilot Stage