Thunder Hunter is an independent energy consultancy.

Seville, Spain

Established in 2020

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Energy consultancy specialized in optimizing the energy supplies of our clients. We get the best rate from the marketers that exist in the market and we take care of the whole process, offering our clients honesty, transparency and follow up in everything related to their supply point. We study monthly consumption and costs and we represent the client in a comprehensive way in front of the supplier.

Thunder Hunter has tested, validated and adopted Comunitaria’s blockchain-based solution in the scope of BlockStart:


Rooftop that Feeds

Why has the company decided to implement the solution: Our approach to BlockStart, first of all, is motivated by the social character of the project in which we are collaborating. We would not have come so close to this technology if it were not for “Techos que alimentan”. After a first look at the project in general, we realized that this is a great opportunity to approach blockchain and try to find innovation for our project. In a market as atomized and traditional as the one of energy traders, it is complicated to find solutions for our customers. A new world is opening up for us and we are going to take advantage of it, in addition to “Techos que alimentan”, to be able to track our larger customers, integrating smart meters with the blockchain. We are sure that we can provide a better service to our customers through these new technologies, even if it was not one of the initial approaches of the SME, but we cannot let it pass in order not to be left behind and to be able to expand our value proposition.

Added value of the solution to the company: The blockchain approach is going to add value to our company in two ways:

  • Firstly, in the “Roofs that Feed” project, on the one hand, all the learning we have had to do to get fully into all the areas of the initative. Also seeing the possibility of starting to implement corporate social responsibility policies, which in such a young SME, we had not yet had the possibility of joining a project of a social nature, so that we can make a positive impact on our environment and relate to other companies and citizens in another way and not in the pure framework of the work we do.
  • Secondly, and after the learning we have done, we have seen the possibility of integrating new forms of control and measurement in the energy supply points of our customers. Thus, in the near future, we will also be able to implement blockchain and all the advantages of traceability that it offers so that our customers can have all the real, accurate information and with all the security and privacy that this technology offers.

What has been done during BlockStart’s pilot stage: The main objective of this initiative is to be able to take advantage of the savings that our clients obtain through our work, and to take a part of that amount to donate it to the project. Thus, the beneficiaries of this initiative will be able to receive that “energy” that our customers are saving. How can we do this? Considering that the project is based on solar energy, although our donations cannot go directly to the users of that energy, they can be used for the installation of the solar panels. In addition, as happens on many occasions, not all the energy generated is used directly in the consumption of the place that has installed, therefore, we also have to manage the surplus of that energy, which we will sell to some of the marketers with whom we have an agreement and will go to reduce the cost of energy to be used from the traditional electricity grid. At the moment, the use of batteries to store all this surplus energy is too expensive and this model of selling the exceeding energy is more interesting. We are working to get it up and running as soon as possible.


Meet the Team

Rosaura Ramírez
Rosaura RamírezHead of Operations
Her past as an elite athlete allows her to reflect his values of effort and perseverance in her work.
Jesús Campaña
Jesús CampañaSales Manager
More than 9 years of experience in the sector. It is the face in direct management with customers. Always with a solution at hand at the right time.
Francisco Montaño
Francisco MontañoCommunication.
After getting to know the entrepreneurial environment with a cultural project, he lands at Thunder Hunter at the end of 2020 to continue expanding his horizons.
Alejandro Aguilar
Alejandro AguilarSales Development Representative
More than 2 years of experience in the sector in all its areas, he leads the Tele Sales department as a new form of growth for the company.

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For more information, read the company’s leaflet:

“This is the first time we have participated in a project of this nature and the experience has been excellent. Being able to work side by side with our colleagues from Comunitaria has been a very good learning experience. An SME like us, located in a very traditional section of the electricity market, never expected that in addition to our daily work we could include technology and innovation in our projects. One of the reasons why we decided to participate was because of all the social burden that the project has, what could be better than broadening our horizons by carrying out actions that leave good things in our environment? We insisted on this precisely because another of the reasons for getting fully involved in the project is that the impact is going to be in our own city. Being related to Seville is very important and is part of Thunder Hunter’s DNA. On the other hand, BlockStart’s project management has made our work much easier, since we have been able to focus 100% on management and not on tons of bureaucracy. We are very grateful.”

Francisco Montaño, Communication, Thunder Hunter

Total funding received by Thunder Hunter Energy Advisors, S.L. under BlockStart: €3,000 for Pilot Stage