Join BlockStart’s 2nd Demo Day on 30 June, 3pm CET, to find out what 5 of Europe’s most promising blockchain startups have been working in the last 6 months

On 30 June, 3pm CET (Brussels time), the top 5 startups from BlockStart’s second acceleration programme will present their MVPs and the pilots they have implemented in end-user SMEs:

  • ComeTogether (Thessaloniki, Greece): established in 2018, ComeTogether gives control of the entire lifecycle to event organizers, providing the infrastructure for event ticketing, fraud and scalping prevention along with secondary market revenue management. Their BackTogether solution is a Covid-19 passport, integrated into ComeTogether, that adds a health component to the tickets, to enable the safe restart of events.
  • IBISA (Luxembourg, Luxembourg): established in 2019, IBISA is a tech platform that leverages blockchain and Earth Observation satellites’ data to enable the next generation of micro-insurance for agriculture that is digital, cost-efficient, simple and scalable. Minorka is an extension of IBISA to democratize the access and use of Earth Observation data, acting as a marketplace for SMEs to easily identify and use valuable data for the businesses.
  • Knowtary (Lisbon, Portugal): established in 2020, Knowtary is a web app that reduces document bureaucracy by validating and recognizing documents publicly and by fully integrating public and private identity and land registration mechanisms
  • LoanXchain (Milan, Italy): established in 2017, LoanXchain is the first digital secondary loan marketplace, enabling lenders and investors to cooperate to finance the real economy.
  • Motoblockchain (Malaga, Spain): established in 2018, Motoblockchain provides motorcycles’ owners the infrastructure to create a Digital Identity of the motorcycle and it gives buyers the possibility to access the history of the motorcycle they want to buy.

But that is not all…

In addition to the pitch presentations, participants will get the opportunity to learn from the personal experience of Carla PuelDavid Chreng-Messembourg, VC investors at LeadBlock Partnersblockchain-focused VC fund. Carla and David will share tips on getting VC funding, key highlights on funding, maturity, product use cases and success stories in the B2B Blockchain ecosystem.

Exciting times are ahead of us! By creating trust in data in ways that were not possible before, blockchain technologies have the potential to revolutionize how we share information and carry out online transactions. For this reason, BlockStart is proud to present the above mentioned startups and the work that they have been carrying out in the scope of the programme for the past 6 months.

We want to hear your thoughts and ideas on how we can take the European blockchain ecosystem forward and best prepare our startups for taking off. Join BlockStart’s online 2nd Demo Day to exchange views and get to know our startups. It will be their time to shine, but also your opportunity to get in touch with these promising blockchain-based solutions.


15:00-15:10 | Welcome – Nadine Teles, F6S
15:10-15:20 | 2 years of BlockStart – João Fernandes, Bright Pixel
15:20-15:55 | Keynote speech “B2B Blockchain, the next leg of growth” – Carla PuelDavid Chreng-Messembourg, VC investors, LeadBlock Partners, blockchain-focused VC fund
15:55-16:30 | Blockchain startups pitch – Motoblockchain and LoanXChain
16:30-16:40 | Break
16h40-17h35 | Blockchain startups pitch – Knowtary, IBISA and ComeTogether
17:35-17:45 | Wrap-up and takeaways | João Fernandes, Bright Pixel

The Demo Day is free of charge, but registration is mandatory




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