Project Description

IBISA platform enables next generation agriculture insurance through data and technology

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Established in 2019

Teaser of the company

IBISA is a tech platform for mutual and insurers that leverages blockchain and Earth Observation satellites’ data to enable next generation micro-insurance for agriculture that is digital, cost-efficient, simple and scalable.

Minorka is an extension of IBISA to democratise the access and use of Earth Observation data. Minorka is a marketplace for SMEs to easily identify and use valuable data for the businesses.

It offers immediately actionable and usable Earth Observation related data.

Ibisa will test and validate the following blockchain-based solution in the scope of BlockStart:

Minorka (Manage, Identify, Notify and Oraclize Risks in Agriculture)

Benefits of Earth Observation data are not accessible to SMEs. Many businesses could benefit from the power of satellite Earth Observation data SMEs, cooperatives, individual farmers, etc.

Earth Observation downstream solutions are highly technical. They require specific expertise in both, Earth Observation data analysis and software programming. Only big players have access to them.

Minorka democratises the access to Earth Observation actionable data with a marketplace for SMEs to easily identify and use valuable data for the businesses.

Minorka offers immediately actionable and usable Earth Observation related data, cost-efficient, usable for farmers, cooperatives, etc.

Minorka solution

  • Simple to use and understand
  • Proven value (+4000 assessments done for insurance industry)
  • Cost-efficient for SMEs as it piggyback IBISA platform and resources


– Smart farming

– Advisory

– Risk management

– Loss detection

– Revue forecast

– Supply chain problems


– Fraud detection

– Risk scoring

Meet the Team

Maria Mateo Iborra
Maria Mateo Iborraco-founder and ceo
Telecommunications Engineer, blockchain early adopter and practitioner, satellite communications expert and serial entrepreneur.
Jean-Baptiste Pleynet
Jean-Baptiste Pleynetco-founder and coo
Actuary, insurance and blockchain expert. He is IBISA’s lead actuary and oversees the software development. He is a risk modelling, data mining and quantitative analysis professional.
Antoine Detante
Antoine Detantetech lead
Blockchain architect and developer. Design, development and deployment of decentralized applications based on Ethereum. Smart Contracts, cryptographic solutions as well as integration of blockchain technologies within applications.

Ibisa’s achievements

Media features

Total funding received by IBISA sarl under BlockStart: €1,000  for Ideation Kick-off event