Project Description

Skopje, North Macedonia
Established in 2020

Company Teaser

The Mission

InfidApp’s mission is to support the growth of small businesses by enabling seamless invoice financing and removing all other impediments by utilizing the latest advancements in blockchain technology.

The Vision

As a small business itself, InfidApp’s vision is that every small business can function and grow into a big one without impediments. In the future, there is no worrying will the business survive or take the chance on the market. It is because InfidApp enables easy access to invoice financing.

Since many businesses’ impediments have a lack of trust as the common denominator, the trustless platform was the starting point.

Logically, by including more stakeholders on the trustless platform, more options are added over time. For example, clients can make orders directly, leaving an additional proof for lenders. Therefore, InfidApp is on a path of making all processes trustless and running seamlessly.

By using InfidApp, the small business could focus on innovation, differentiation, and giving value. As it is reshaping the businesses’ behavior from operational to strategic, InfidApp is improving the economy and enabling better products for the world.

InfidApp & BlockStart

By entering the BlockStart program, InfidApp is getting a valuable chance to enter the second phase of product development. In addition to funding, the team finds the support from BlockStart mentors and testers as the most valuable.

During the prototype and the pilot stages, InfidApp seeks to improve the solution by the feedback of the testers. The final goal of these phases is a superb software ready to tackle the untapped market of invoice financing.

Being part of the BlockStart program will allow Infidapp to refine its concept and position itself as a reliable partner to large financial institutions.

Meet the team

Mirko Kikovic (Co-founder/CEO)
MSc in Economy, IT entrepreneur, mentor, and B2B sales lecturer for five years, developing software solutions and solving problems of international companies. During previous eight years of climbing the corporate ladder up to C-level positions, he was leading 300+ people and working with 600+ clients in total.

Dimitar Anastasovski (Co-founder/CTO)
MSc in Computer Science, a full-stack engineer, R3 Corda certified developer, working on multiple projects for Distributed Ledger Technology for more than three years. Creator of 15+ DLT solutions in Italy, he is recently recognized and listed as Blockchain Expert in the EU.

Milica Sokolovic
BSc Law, an experienced legal and business development professional, for the past five years working as a Head of Legal in Danish Startups. Besides expertise in corporate matters, IP, and IPO, she is managing multi-national teams and mentoring 400+ people to develop their businesses.

Nikola Dameski
BSc Graphic Design, UX/UI design expert that was working for Accenture Italia for six years – focusing on responsive web sites and native iOS and Android apps by working closely with developers. Nowadays, he is using his in-depth knowledge of Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, InVision to create beautiful, responsive websites and apps.

Miroslav Milosevic
MSc in Organizational Sciences, for two years working as a sales manager on both inside sales and trade fairs in Norwegian Startup. He used his previous eight years of experience in B2B sales to negotiate the company’s Key Account on a highly regulated MedTech market even before the first products have been certified.

Joseph Mwadime
BSc in Computer programming, a software engineer for five years working for both Startups and established companies. While developing both hardware and software Startup, he mastered Web Development and Data Science while actively utilizing the newest technologies such as Blockchain.