Company that manufactures innovative plush toys with beeswax

Belgrade, Serbia
Established in 2016

Teaser of the company

Beez & Toys believes that our children are the most important in the world and the company’s wish is for our children to have a healthy development and to grow up in a supportive and clean environment.

Beez & Toys has tested, validated and adopted Infidia‘s blockchain-based solution in the scope of BlockStart:

Infidia (InfidApp)


Why has the company decided to implement the solution: The company was willing to adopt a blockchain-based solution from company Infidia because it thought that their solution could be important to the company in the future, and it liked the team.

Added value of the solution to the company: The company thinks that implementing the solution from company Infidia would bring added value because their solution will enable Beez & Toys to use some financial instruments that it would not be able to use. Those financial instruments could be crucial for the company’s liquidity and growth.

What has been done during BlockStart’s pilot stage:

  • Very constructive meetings
  • The company was introduced with solution and functions of the app
  • Beez & Toys suggested some changes that were adopted
  • Infildia team members explained to Beez & Toys how their solution works and how is connected with blockchain
  • The company explained its production and sales process that will be implemented in Infidia’s solution

Meet the Team

David Stokić
David StokićCo-founder and CEO
Milica Stoki
Milica Stoki
6 years in wholesale of baby equipment and toys
Ivana Milovančević
Ivana Milovančević
7 years in industrial design and design
Mirsad Cano
Mirsad Cano
5 years in logistic in printing Industry

Beez & Toys’ achievements

  • Received an €80,000 grant from the Innovation Fund Serbia. Selected among 230 companies

  • Received a Climate-KIC grant. Selected among 90 companies

Media features

Participation in an acceleration programme such as BlockStart, as an end-user was a great experience for our company and our team. We meet great people and gain significant knowledge, and we are expecting significant added value for our company.

David Stokić, Co-founder and CEO, Beez&Toys

Total funding received by Bizbaz d.o.o. under BlockStart: €3,000  for Pilot stage