Research equipment in the domain of mobile brainware reading

Belgrade, Serbia
Established in 2012

Teaser of the company

mBrainTrain strives to make EEG (method of brainwave recording) an invisible and seamless piece of technology that will ultimately blend into the lives of everyday people. Its strategy is to create tools that are intuitive. easy to use and fun, therefore enabling people to focus on what they know best and what they chose and love to do.

mBrainTrain has tested, validated and adopted Infidia‘s blockchain-based solution in the scope of BlockStart:

Infidia (InfidApp)


Why has the company decided to implement the solution: Almost eight years ago, mBrainTrain won first place in the competition for Serbia’s best technological innovation, organized by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development. However, the company is continually researching new technologies. One of these is blockchain, and mBrain Train was curious about what Infidia has to offer in this space. Also, the company’s customer profile (institutes, universities) often means long payment delays. Infidia offered a way to solve this challenge.

Added value of the solution to the company: It is quite useful to have financing on-demand. Sometimes, mBrainTrain can use its accounts receivables for paying small bills without the need to fill some complex documentation. However, in the company’s feedback on the Infidia web app, it mentioned that a few additional sections wouldn’t make a significant change to those that seek finance. In general, the company sees Infidia’s as a cash-flow solution. Their platform seems to offer more, but this one is of particular interest to mBrainTrain.

What has been done during BlockStart’s pilot stage: In the past months, mBrain Train engaged its COO&CFO in almost all meetings to provide structured feedback to Infidia. His feedback on the web app proved useful, as Infidia made most of the requested changes. In addition to following the KPIs set by Infidia, the company gave them a few more KPIs to think and present to regarding their banks’ process. These are their responses that mBrain Train was examining in their meetings:

  • Value in the verification of business transactions behind the invoice that provides the basis for invoice discounting
  • Linking orders with invoices and various documents
  • Reducing double-spending, fraudulent and invalid invoices
  • How to create a pool of clients for banks that were non-eligible before Infidia
  • Unlocking small invoices, otherwise non-cost-effective
  • Enabling a bundle package and defining the level of risk

The company also discussed their idea to accelerate the entire factoring process (or part of it) with notifications. With all of this in mind, mBrainTrain feels that Infidia is on the right path.

Meet the Team

Ivan Gligorijević
Ivan GligorijevićCEO
Bogdan Mijovic
Bogdan MijovicCo-Founder & CTO
PhD – Medical imaging in neuroscience, from KU Leuven, BelgiumPublished in top 5% scientific journals. See Entrepreneurial experience since 2012: co-founded Brainstorm, BSTORM andmBrainTrain. In charge of visionary product development.
Dragos Petrovic
Dragos PetrovicCOO
MBA – Finance at UNIC (Cyprus) / Rennes School of Business (France)Financial Audit Department at KPMG Belgrade. In charge of finance and logistics.
Pavle Mijovic
Pavle MijovicBiomedical Engineer
Master of Applied Sciences and Engineering, Chemical Engineering – KU Leuven,BelgiumPhD production Engineering, Neuroergonomics, University of Kragujevac, Serbia. In chaerge of algorithms, support and product development.
Dušan Nedić
Dušan NedićMarketing Manager
MSc in Management, Belgrade University, Faculty of Organizational SciencesAccount executive at Fullhouse Ogilvy marketing agency. In charge of Market Research, Branding Policies, Social marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
Ana Jolić
Ana JolićSales Consultant I Sales Development Manager
MSc in defectology. Experienced Sales developer, previously leading the sales team of Fitpass.
Danko Radulovic
Danko RadulovicIndustrial designer
Crazy creative with international experience in startup and industrial projects, expert in additive (3D) printing and design among many other things.
Nikola Maksimović
Nikola MaksimovićSoftware Engineer
MSc in Electrical Engineeing. Programmer that never says no to a challenge. In cgarge of Software development for PC and Android.
Aleksandar Bogićević
Aleksandar BogićevićWebsite administrator, System admin

mBrainTrain’s achievements

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Since experienced with many programmes, we can say that BlockStart is doing a good job. For us, it was an opportunity to participate in tuning the solution which we hope to use in future – sharing insights and needs early on, while the team is able to implement them.

Ivan Gligorijević, CEO, mBrainTrain

Total funding received by mBrainTrain d.o.o. under BlockStart: €3,000  for Pilot stage