On February 24, more than 250 viewers joined BlockStart’s 3rd Demo Day online event, to hear from our top 6 startups and learn how blockchain can accelerate the energy transition


On the 24th of February, BlockStart provided its slight contribution to shed a dim light of hope on one of the darkest days in humankind’s history, showcasing concrete examples of how blockchain can have a positive impact on Society. Over 200 people joined the streaming of BlockStart‘s 3rd Demo Day online event, and 50 followed the discussion live on BlockStart’s YouTube channel.

The event was presented by Inês Melo e Faro, Communication Manager at F6S and one of BlockStart’s consortium partners. Inês made a brief introduction of what was going to be discussed for the next three hours. After the introduction, João Fernandes, Project Manager & Investment Analyst at Bright Pixel and leader of the BlockStart consortium presented the main takeaways of BlockStart accelerator over the past 3 years.

Sabine Brink, Global Blockchain Lead at Shell, took over the stage in a passionate keynote speech about how blockchain can accelerate the energy transition. During her presentation, Sabine delighted the participants – mainly composed by startups, SMEs and innovation ecosystem intermediaries such as incubators, accelerators, associations, among others – and questions just kept popping up.

During the discussion, it became clear that the energy sector is changing. By creating efficient supply chains, bringing verifiable sustainability offerings to customers and by creating new decentralized business models, decentralized technology will be a key enabler in the energy transition.

Then it was the time everyone was waiting for and it was the moment for BlockStart’s top 6 blockchain startups to shine! AgeVolt, BlockFraudsBlockTac, Comunitaria, Digital Village and HOPU pitched their solutions, developed throughout BlockStart’s 3rd Acceleration Programme and with the help of the programme’s mentors and experts.

The event was very dynamic, allowing participants to ask questions directly to the startups through a dedicated Q&A chat. Some polls were also added in the beginning of the event, to engage people to interact and share their expectations regarding the Demo Day.

BlockStart was several times mentioned as a great example of the type of programme that helps blockchain startups and allows good matches to be made with innovative SMEs willing to adopt blockchain-based products and services.

Whether you didn’t have the chance to watch the stream, wish to share it with someone curious about blockchain’s use cases, or even if you want to watch it again, here is the recording of the event:

You can also download the full presentation of the event: