Real-time MMO Metaverse powered by Village Protocol Social graph blockchain interface

Paris, France

Established in 2021

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Digital Village (DV) is a recomposition of social media, gaming, and e-commerce. DV is the first real-time sustainable Multiplayer Metaverse connected to its Social Marketplace, which merges the physical and digital world with its social graph blockchain interface, Village Protocol, and allows real utility of digital assets.

Digital Village tested and validated the following blockchain-based solution in the scope of BlockStart:

Digital Village

Digital Village

The prototype product implemented brings clients closer to their communities and customers. Digital Village offers the Marketplace and the Metaverse. Customers are able to rent or buy land in one of our zones. At DV, we are collaborating with our clients to meet their needs, this is possible thanks to our 300 3D artists and designers, collaborating with us. Events hosted on DV could include fashion weeks, E-games, conferences and overall interactions.

The Village Protocol focuses on decentralizing data instead of monetizing user interactions. Village Protocol is an interface to show their blockchain data in a way consumers understand easily. 

The market potential is increasing globally, as our clients and end-users. DV is soon enabling real-time audio chat within the Metaverse, combined with AR/VR functionalities. Furthermore, we are aiming towards launching Metaverse mobile access in the near future.

Technical development during Prototype stage

During the development of Digital Village, the following technical developments have taken place:

  • DV’s frontend development is connected to the implementation of our database and API system. Currently, within DV, we are setting up consistent team meetings every week – to check in, evaluate and set new goals. Thus far, we are on track with our timeline and in fact 5 month ahead, in terms of easy access to the Marketplace, and all relevant aspects of the website, visible for the public starting in Q2 2022.

  • With our current prototype we enable an easy sign-up process, easy client onboarding, seamless log-in from our Marketplace to the Metaverse, Product Creation, and viewing. We are blockchain agnostic and currently support Ethereum and Vechain.

  • The Metaverse, currently platform agnostic, combined with AI/AR/VR functionalities enables users to have utility to their digital assets in real-time, socialise via positional audio chat, create video and photo content directly from the Metaverse. Furthermore, we are aiming towards launching Metaverse mobile access in the near future.

Business development during Prototype stage

During the development of Digital Village, the following business developments have taken place:

  • We have not fully implemented our PR/Marketing strategy – we will have it running step by step whilst our beta version evolves and enables users to enter the Marketplace and finally, the Metaverse. The market potential is increasing globally and so do our clients and end-users. 

  • We see the size of companies using our service could be anything from minor design studios to major/world leading organizations or brands.

  • 2 is an ideal number of SMEs adopting DV to test the platform. This number is to enable DV and the SME to work closely together and take advantage of the experience to experiment and implement R&D for the DV products. The small number of SMEs would also enable DV and the SMEs to push the boundaries and innovation further, potentially discovering new solutions and improvements.

  • 5 is the maximum number of SMEs for adopting DV. At this early stage of Web3, it is vital to educate the customers about the concept and opportunities of Web3, Blockchain, Metaverse, NFTs and so on. We believe in quality over quantity and would prefer to take our time with each SME to result in success stories, helping the SME, and turning them into long term clients of DV.

Pilot stage implementation


In BlockStart, Digital Village implemented its “Digital Village” product in 4 SME adopters


Vertliner and Digital Village’s pilot collaboration has included consistant follow up meetings, and strategic planning for future collaboration, after the Blockstart program. Both parties has gained renewed visions of their product’s implementation areas as well as costumer base.

Main goals:

  • Data strategy/roadmap collaboration with Digital Village.
  •  Vertliner will send DV their collected data and existing 3D assets, thus store those on the DV marketplace.
  • The roadmap will showcase future possibilities and the long-term benefits of both safety aspects and user value.


By regularly following up on the KPIs agreed upon, D-Visor and Digital Village has come up with mutual value in terms of pilot implementations. Together both parties have found ways to connect physical and digital event whilst considering safety and future collaboration aspects.

Main goals:

  • The collaboration aims to connect physical events with digital and enable communities to interact all year around.
  • Together, DV and D-Visor will create a roadmap on technologies and data collection, use-case, roadmap, and identifying future possibilities. 
  • Security solutions (IRL and URL). 
  • Analyzing data to understand to meet visitors’ needs in the digital space.


Binaré and Digital Village has mutual interests, which will lead to development for both parties. Technical perspectives have been the main focus as Binaré is focused on areas of cyber security. Therefore, Binaré has met with DV’s technical team to create future use-cases/roadmaps for future long-term collaboration.

Main goals:

  • Binaré will find the best ways for their platform (aiming towards the security of IoT/ devices/software) to automatically help the cybersecurity of Digital Village blockchain/ metaverse implementation.
  • Binaré will apply “expert services” (as in “human expert” review of the technical and safety aspects of Digital Village.


Harddiskmuseum and Digital Village’s collaboration has been a fast process as both parties shared a mutual vision from the very beginning. Digital Village is currently building a museum for HDM in the DV Metaverse that will enable visitors to experience visiting a museum including exhibitions – in a digital shape. Entering as avatars.

Main goals:

  • Harddiskmuseum will set up their profiles on the DV Marketplace, and upload videos and static images/artworks to DV. Either for each user, or under the same domain. Around 10 artists will be exhibiting.
  • DV and HDM will collaborate on creating a museum in the DV Metaverse, where the represented artists’ assets will be shown to DV and HDM users/visitors.
SME adopters

Meet the Team

Evelyn Mora
Evelyn MoraFounder
Evelyn Mora is a Finnish 29-year old awarded Inventor, strategist, tech and sustainability consultant. As a consultant, product designer and developer Evelyn has worked intensively with Gen alpha and Gen Z research and Sustainable Development. She is also the Founder of awarded Helsinki Fashion Week, worlds first recognised fully sustainable fashion week
Agata Azdajic Gorjackovski
Agata Azdajic GorjackovskiCommunity Manager, Legal and Ethics
Agata’s role on the DV is related to sustainability aspects and ethical ways to build DV in order to reduce negative aspects that could occur. Agata graduated at Fashion Institute of Technology with a bachelor of science and production management, to then study information technology at Alto University, followed by a Masters degree on International Business law at University of Helsinki.
Ronak Shah
Ronak ShahSr. Blockchain Developer
Technocrat who works towards bringing ideas to life. Works mainly on artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. Ronak is in charge of the Village Protocol development and connecting interoperability of Marketplace and Metaverse both powered by Village Protocol Social Blockchain interface
Adnan Aeranpurwala
Adnan AeranpurwalaCIO
UX strategist, works closely with the VeChain ecosystem. Annan is in charge of the development and design of the Marketplace of Digital Village
Dustin Roden
Dustin RodenLead Unreal Engine Developer
Dustin Roden, with a gaming background, has been working with Unreal Engine since 2009, shortly after Epic released UDK. The digital realm and its use in society, as more than just an entertainment factor, have always entranced him.
Astrid Rönnborn
Astrid RönnbornBusiness Developer and Strategist
Astrid has a past within the fashion industry as well as an artist and as a print designer. She has studied Sustainable Development at Halmstad University followed by AI Business Consultancy at Hyper Island Stockholm.
Riccardo Di Palma
Riccardo Di Palma3D artist
Riccardo is a 3D artist from Florence, Italy. Riccardo has a huge passion for digital avatar creation. Nevertheless, he has a degree in CG animation at Istituto Europeo di Design.
Luca Tocco
Luca ToccoLead Unreal Engine Technical Designer
Luca has a past within architecture. After graduating 3D design studies in 2013, he has been creating virtual and augmented reality content for public administrations as well as developing titles in the videogame sector.
Among Lucas archaeological and architectural works, he worked with Colosseum and the Nuraghi, in Cagliari. His specialty is to animate the original structure, and in that way, recomposing what it once was. Exploring these kinds of works in VR, enables the ’visitor’ to explore the objects live yet in its original state.
Saurabh Sharma
Saurabh SharmaGame programmer
After his degree in Computer Science and Technology from Chandigarh University, Saurabh has worked as a game developer and game programmer for various companies such as WeLevel and App Mechanic. He has worked as a researcher and developer for Mercedes Benz.
Saurabh likes to study new things. As being knowledgeable about technology or any subject is an ongoing process, and he’s always proactive about seeking new opportunities to develop and grow in his role.
Alessandro Conti
Alessandro Conti3D artist
Alessandro has studied New Technologies in art, at Brera Academy of Fine Arts. Ever since then, he has worked as a web designer, graphic designer, and now as a 3D artist at DV. Alessandro likes to give birth to new worlds, new visions and experiences, always trying to catch an emotional communication for the observers.

Digital Village’s Achievements

Media features

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“The DV journey really accelerated after we joined the BlockStart programme. The organization and its network are amazing. We have gained really valuable mentorship and experience from the programme as well as partners and raised over 2m since joining.”

EVELYN MORA, CEO & Founder, Inventor and strategist, Digital Village

Total funding received by Digital Village under BlockStart: €20,000 (€1,000 for Ideation Kick-off, €15,000 for Prototype stage and €4,000 for Pilot stage)