Applied R&D company for safety and security in (semi) public spaces (e.g., festivals)


Schinnen / Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Established in 2020

Teaser of the Company

D-Visor leverages cutting-edge AI-and blockchain tech for helping her customer base (mainly festivals) to improve the end-to-end security and safety of their social-cyber-physical offerings, synthesizing for example digital gatherings of festival goers long before the physical takes place.

D-Visor has tested, validated and adopted Digital Village’s blockchain-based solution in the scope of BlockStart:

Digital Village

Digital Village

Why has the company decided to implement the solution: We are willing to adopt the solution as it will complement our digital festival twin (D-GEM) that is used to monitor the safety and security at physical events, to the digital event space. Mechanism such as the NFTs for digital events etc can be infused in the D-GEM solution in this way.

Added value of the solution to the company: Our clients will increasingly embark on digital events, either as a continuing meeting place for festival goers over the year or as a digital alternative to physical events to allow festival goers to immerse concurrently in the physical and digital event, increasing their experience and offering more convenience to them then ever before

What has been done during BlockStart’s pilot stage: We have had several sessions with the (business) developers and director of Digital Village to explore touch points, do digital storyboarding and deliver a solution design that could be implemented after this adoption phase. Furthermore we’ve created a road map

Meet the Team

Prof.dr. Willem-Jan van den Heuvel
Prof.dr. Willem-Jan van den HeuvelCo-founder, co-owner and CTO
Prof. Dr. Willem-Jan van den Heuvel is co-founder, CTO of D-Visor, author, visionary, and full professor in Data Engineering whose R&D interests reside at the cross-junction of data-intensive software service systems, semantic interoperability and brokering, and blockchain-based applications
Eng. Sandra Potten
Eng. Sandra PottenCo-founder, co-owner and CEO
Eng. Sandra Potten is the co-founder, co-director and CEO of D-Visor, with a background in sales and marketing in the pharmaceutical field, (IT-driven) event management and business liaison

D-Visor’s achievements

  • Part of the Ontochain programme Next Generation Internet

  • Part of the MIT Zuid programme

“Our experience in collaborating with other BlockStart teams has been truly rewarding. Of course, it took a while to get to know the other projects, and their (technological)offerings. However, after the initial on-boarding, our project has benefited not only from the other technologies, but also, from new collaborations with new people and teams. This has led to a cross-fertilization of ideas and techniques, and has proven to be very rewarding in terms of concept and business development.”

Sandra Potten, strategic business analyst, D-Visor

Total funding received by D-Visor B.V. under BlockStart: €4,500 (€1,500 for Ideation Kick-off and €3,000 for Pilot stage)