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BlockTac: The Factory of Trust

Matadepera, Spain

Established in 2018

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BlockTac is a factory of trust: BlockTac fights fake consumer products and data with our certificates and single-use digital seals registered with Blockchain technology, designed for brand protection and consumer engagement. And with our Blockchain-of-things devices, that communicate directly with IoT sensors, encrypt the data, and store it in a public Blockchain. The information now becomes trusted and traceable, impossible to change, truly linked to its source.

BlockTac will test and validate the following blockchain-based solution in the scope of BlockStart:

Blockchain of Things Devices to secure and authenticate datasets from IoT platforms 

Data exchanged on IoT devices and in Industry 4.0 is frequently targeted by hackers. One-third of AI projects provide ineffective or dangerous results due to the manipulation of their data. This affects many industries: Automotive, Healthcare, Industry 4.0, Smart Cities, etc. Fraud in these datasets endangers human lives, compromises democracy, damages business assets, and degrades the environment.

We have produced a family of autonomous hardware devices that collect information directly from IoT sensors or machines, encrypt the data, and store it in a public Blockchain. The information now becomes trusted and traceable, impossible to change, truly linked to its source. We name these edge computers “Blockchain-of-Things” devices.

They make impossible for third parties to amend or impersonate the real producers of the data, therefore protecting the training of AI systems, and reducing energy consumption. Companies will be fully accountable for the information they produce, use, or sell. Privacy is fully protected, and potential scammer immediately identified. Our strategy is unique for the low cost of our devices and the minimal cost of storing the data. Ours is the sole solution fully securing information against hacking, identifying its origin and ownership, and making it safe and tradable.

Meet the Team

Francisco J. Guillén Martínez
Francisco J. Guillén MartínezCofounder & CEO
CEO, Founder of BlockTac. Founder of other successful ventures. Former Professor of Strategy at IESE Business School. He holds an MD, a Ph.D., and an MBA. Former Provost of 2 Universities. Experience of 25 years in Consultancy to different industries
Enrique Lizaso Olmos
Enrique Lizaso OlmosCofounder & R&D
R&D, Founder of BlockTac. Large experience in Finance. Holds a Degree in Mathematics, another in Computer Eng, an MD, a PhD and MBA from IESE. Experienced in Management, Sales, Finance, IT
Marta Romero García
Marta Romero GarcíaCOO
COO. She holds a Degree in Industrial Engineering from Politecnico di Torino, another degree in Management from the International University of Catalunya, and a MsC in Production Management from Politecnico di Torino
Maiol Valentí Bertran
Maiol Valentí BertranCTO
CTO. He holds a Degree in Multimedia Engineering from the University of Vic, where his Thesis Work was about Blockchain. He has worked before in IT for press groups (Regio 7; Diari de Girona)
Elisa Sánchez Polo
Elisa Sánchez PoloCSO
CSO. Large experience (20y+) in Commercial and Strategic Marketing and Digital departments of large companies. She holds a degree in Business Administration from UOC University, and another in Computing Engineering from the University of Alacant
Cristina Cantón Cuevas
Cristina Cantón CuevasBusiness Developer
Business Developer. She holds a Commercial degree and has a long trajectory on sales, having worked at Seifa Keller, SONPURA, and Telefónica Spain. She has also been Head of Sales in Heading2Mark and Red Komunica

BlockTac’s achievements

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Company Product Leaflet
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Total funding received by HASHED BLOCKTAC S.L. under BlockStart: €1,000 for Ideation Kick-off event