Atfield produces tools for mobile and truly remote data driven management of vineyeards


Belgrade, Servia

Established in 2017

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Atfield Technologies delivers solutions for data-driven management of vineyards. Our platform Winessense® combines advanced software modelling with tailor-made hardware to address the key challenges in sustainable viticulture. Established in 2017, by founders with decades of multidisciplinary experience across different industries, the company focuses on technologies enabling efficient growth of high-quality permanent crops.

Atfield Technologies has tested, validated and adopted BlockTac’s blockchain-based solution in the scope of BlockStart:

Blockchain of Things Devices

Blockchain of Things Devices

Why has the company decided to implement the solution: Atfield has teamed with BlockTac to implement blockchain solution that would provide data immutability and pave a path toward food traceability, insurance agriculture and use of self-sovereign identities in agriculture/food production. 

Added value of the solution to the company: Atfield’s main product Winessense® is microclimate-driven decision support system for viticulture. It is in commercialization and scale-up phase, currently being broadly deployed in Serbia and SE Europe, with ongoing pilot in Oregon/USA. We have identified 2 dilemmas: 1) How to verify activities taken at field? 2) How to allow sharing data from various providers and data sources?

Field data and historical data are of great importance for development and verification of digital twins of vineyards and orchards. Blockstart is our first field test of blockchain in agri-tech domain and we plan to further work on refining this solution into new agriculture-insurance tool.

What has been done during BlockStart’s pilot stage: BlockTac has enabled easy writing of our data to Ethereum blockchain with the help of   BOT device. We’ve tested MQTT and Rest API communication protocols. To reduce the cost of writing to the public Ethereum network, in addition to increasing a little bit more data security, we’ve use a tool that regulates the interval time of the IoT data that we have to write to Blockchain.  

Meet the Team

Vukasin Pejovic
Vukasin PejovicCEO
Dedicated, rational, persistent, passionate about new technologies and business
Srdjan Tadic
Srdjan TadicCTO
Analytical, rational, thorough, curious, always interested to learn and know more

Atfield Technologies’ achievements

Media features

“Atfield as an agri-tech company approached BlockStart with primary goal to learn more about the latest blockchain from-the-edge solutions that could be applied in IoT scenarios. For us, the initial goal has been achieved after the two-day info session, on which we were in position to meet 23 companies and then organize 1:1 meeting 7 seven of these. It is hard to imagine more efficient way to meet new experts in field and explore potential cooperation. It was really on the level of high-quality conference. 

 It turned out that our roadmap could be compatible with some of these companies, so we decided to participate in the second phase. With great assistance from company BlockTac, we’ve managed to use public blockchain with good trade-off of costs.  This helped us in shaping new technical solution for insurance agriculture.”

Srdjan Tadic, CTO, Atfield Technologies

Total funding received by Atfield Technologies doo under BlockStart: €4,500 (€1,500 for Ideation Kick-off and €3,000 for Pilot stage)