Project Description

Tilburg, The Netherlands
Established in 2019

Company Teaser

We support organizations in understanding and applying the concept of blockchain and smart contracts.
We do this by offering interactive workshop simulations. These simulations show a business process of monitoring and settlement of service level agreements in road transport using smart contracts, sensor data and blockchain. These simulations can be used in businesses for training and awareness, but are also a starting point for a pilot project using smart contracts. We customize these blockchain simulations to make it applicable for any business sector with a need to efficiently monitor and settle service level agreements. Our workshop simulations are also very suitable for educational purposes at universities and professional trainings. The name of our Simulation product is Smartys.

2bSmart & BlockStart

In the Blockstart pilot we aim to add a solution that secures the integrity of the sensor data using Blockchain. In our current version, the sensor data is not yet immutably stored on the blockchain. Adding this functionality, will make this an end-end reliable and efficient process for monitoring and settlement of SLA’s.

Meet the team

Jeroen Perquin
Jeroen is our CFO and trainer. Jeroen is a very experienced finance professional,
specialised in digitization, blockchain and smart contracts. He is an experienced
Blockchain workshop trainer. He successfully combines his knowledge about
Blockchain and smart contracts with his experience with managing business
processes in international companies.

Robert Rongen
Robert is our IT architect and Smart Contracts programmer. He is a certified
expert in blockchain technology and information management. He is skilled in
translating the demands of an organization into an working solution. This
includes: process redesign, functional requirements, solution architecture and
software development.

Funding received under BlockStart: € 1,000 (Ideation Kick-off)