Supporting organizations in understanding and applying IoT sensor, blockchain and smart contracts technology

Tilburg, The Netherlands
Established in 2019

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2bSmart supports organizations in understanding and applying IoT sensor, blockchain and smart contracts technology. It does this by offering interactive workshop simulations. These simulations show a business process of monitoring and settlement of performance using smart contracts, sensor data and blockchain.

These simulations can be used in businesses for training and awareness but are also a starting point for a pilot project using smart contracts. The company customizes these blockchain simulations to make it applicable for any business sector. Its workshop simulations are also very suitable for educational purposes at universities and professional trainings.

2bSmart has developed the following blockchain-based prototype in the scope of BlockStart:

SMARTYS – The Safe Building app


2bSmart , with three companies from the Facility Management business in the Netherlands have developed a prototype to monitor and control the indoor office climate. It uses IoT sensor technology combined with blockchain smart contract technology to create an additional layer of trust. The sensor data will be stored on the Blockchain for verification and the smart contract will issue certificates and provide access to the rooms based on the sensor measurements and pre-set conditions.

The prototype is build based on existing Smartys Simulation IT building blocks. The prototype location is the head office of Facility Management Consultancy company DWA in Gouda (NL). There we are using existing sensors and sensor data, connected to our Smartys IT Building Blocks, including the smart contact.

As an important part of this pilot, 2bSmart has designed a protocol to ensure the integrity of the sensor data. It is called SSDI, Smartys Sensor Data Integrity protocol. The key reason for this is to ensure that the users of the proposition can trust that the data that is used to action the smart contract, is validated, from the right sensor and is not tampered with.

Technical development during Prototype stage

During the development of smartys, the following technical developments has taken place:

  • Connect to the real local sensors in the building

  • Build on the Meteor/React Smartys platform

  • Add data storage security requirements because info on buildings can be sensitive

  • Replace temperature with air quality in smart contract

  • DWA to add sensor data analysis and aggregation to the pilot

  • Use traffic light systems, in pilot with raspberry pi

  • Connect solution with Digital Twin of the Gouda building

  • Data protocol for connection sensor data – smart contract tested. MQTT adjusted

  • Sensor registration process tested and adjusted

  • Design and testing of the air quality norms to be used, including frequency of data sending and storage

  • Sensor data connection retested with Smartys

  • UTP network used and tested for the pilot

Business development during Prototype stage

A number of workshops have taken place with the companies in the prototype development. 2bSmart has also engaged with potential customers, being companies renting office spaces. Very positive feedback was received. A very solid business case has been developed.

If the pilot is successful, the 4 companies involved intend to form a JV to further develop and market the product in the Netherlands and Europe.

Pilot stage implementation


In BlockStart, 2bSmart implemented its “SMARTYS” product in 2 SME adopters

Corona Proof Office

An end-end system to measure, monitor and control a Corona proof indoor climate.

Tested setup with 2 types of rooms (automatic and manual headcount).

Corona Proof Office

An end-end system to measure, monitor and control a Corona proof indoor climate.

Tested setup with 2 types of rooms (automatic and manual headcount).

SME adopters

Meet the Team

Jeroen Perquin
Jeroen PerquinCFO and Trainer
Jeroen is 2bSmart’s CFO and trainer. Jeroen is a very experienced finance professional, specialised in digitization, blockchain and smart contracts. He successfully combines his knowledge about Blockchain and smart contracts with his experience with managing business processes in international companies
Robert Rongen
Robert RongenIT architect and Smart Contracts programmer
Robert is 2bSmart’s IT architect and Smart Contracts programmer. He is a certified expert in blockchain technology and information management. He is skilled in translating the demands of an organization into a working solution. This includes: process redesign, functional requirements, solution architecture and software development
Marc Buma
Marc BumaBlockchain Programmer
Marc is 2bSmart’s main developer with a vast knowledge of blockchain and IoT. He is also skilled as trainer and coach
Christiaan Verhoef
Christiaan VerhoefTech blockchain specialist
Christiaan is 2bSmart’s innovation stimulator and motivator and also experienced as blockchain trainer and developer
Maxime Bouillon
Maxime BouillonExperience designer
Maxime is 2bSmart’s experience designer defining our product experience and objectives. He is also skilled in organizing for social impact and a skilled logistics engineer

2bSmart’s achievements

Media features

For more information, download the company’s portfolio and pitch deck:

In the first iteration of the BlockStart programme we concluded that there was a potential match between some SME’s in the programme and a product gap that we wanted to address: Integrity of sensor data. We developed a Smartys Data Sensor Integrity protocol for this. We engaged three SME’s into the programme which enabled us to validate this product-market proposition. As a next step we defined a specific application for this proposition for the engaged SME’s: Monitoring safety conditions in meeting rooms for Corona proof buildings.

Robert Rongen, CTO, 2bSmart

Total funding received by 2bSmart under BlockStart: €20,000 (€1,000 for Ideation Kick-off, €15,000 for Prototype stage and €4,000 for Pilot stage)