Global & Local is an Innovative start up working at social vocation

As part of their journey on BlockStart’s 2nd Acceleration Programme, as an SME adopter, they were looking for new opportunities for collaboration with technology providers of DLT/blockchain solutions that could improve their business. This is the testimonial of their experience in our programme.

In one paragraph, what is Global & Local?

GLOBAL & LOCAL s.r.l. is an Innovative Start Up at Social Vocation that associates professionals with different profiles such as lawyers, engineers, graduates in political science and economics to promote the use of tools, actions and methods in the context of EU policies and Project Cycle Management and transfer these skills to operators and local networks. The company offers programming, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of socio-economic development operations financed by European founds.

What is Global & Local passionate about achieving?

It promotes interventions in the cultural sector, social and socio-health policies, urban sustainability and technological innovation to contribute to the dissemination of highly innovative practices and generate a radical change towards the well-being of the community.

Can you tell us why you have decided to apply to BlockStart’s 2nd Call for end-user SMEs?

The PA, the distribution of public aid and the management of the welfare system are sectors in which blockchains can contribute to simplifying aid delivery procedures and guaranteeing better public governance of initiatives.

What major challenges have you faced during the implementation/testing of BlockStart’s blockchain-based solution?

Our project, as end user of Knowtary, is testing a method to report the use of European funds by certifying and notarizing the documents of the report, by giving legal validity to the signatures, using blockchain technology.

What kind of impact do you think the blockchain-based solution you have implemented in the scope of BlockStart may bring to your company?

European projects work with report forms in pdf and word that must be signed and whose official status is a requirement for the acceptance of the technical and financial report. We are therefore experimenting how to use knowtary and the blockchain in order to automate these work processes, saving time and costs for us and for our European partnerships, facilitating the online work processes without interrupting the formal quality chain of the documents that must be produced with the reporting.

Where do you see your company in 5 years?

Global & Local will be the first integrated platform that supports companies and local realities in all the planning phases necessary for access to public funding: from scouting to project idea, from partner search to drafting and sending the proposal, from management to reporting.

Want to know more about the blockchain-based solution adopted by Global & Local?

Visit Knowtary‘s webpage or watch the video below to learn more about the “Knowtary” solution implemented by Global & Local in the scope of BlokStart’s 2nd Acceleration Programme.


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