Project Description

Reutlingen, Germany
Established in 2019

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Xylene works with companies in the timber, minerals and electrical industries that act as importers and producers of finished and unfinished products, giving them transparency and control over their supply chain. This innovative approach combines supply chain management with space technology (SatNav and SatEO) and blockchain to create supply chain transparency.

This is achieved through supply chain visualisation and offers central companies an overview of where suppliers are located and where material is sourced from and allows for decisions based on risk assessment. Furthermore, physical products are labelled and tracked along the supply chain from the source to the consumer. Information, connected to the product via IoT-devices, is passed between stakeholders using blockchain and its authenticity is validated through satellite data. Creating added value by being able to connect the journey of a product to the point of sale. The consumer will also be able to connect to the origin of the product, support sustainable projects, balance its carbon footprint and/or recycle the raw materials present in its product at the end of its life.

Xylene & BlockStart

Xylene targets projects which can be realised in two main areas of supply chain traceability and product traceability. One pilot project focussed on either upstream transparency or downstream transparency. Xylene allows responsible sourcing by visualising the upstream supply chain and connecting companies for easier due diligence and enhanced internal transparency. This provides state of the art supply chain insight and information management supported by the blockchain. For downstream transparency, consumer engagement is targeted to provide detailed information about product journey, sustainability and legality. Consumers can benefit by gaining a link to producers which is verified and immutable thanks to the blockchain.

Meet the team

Christopher Edwards
Christopher has a background in business studies and a master’s degree in supply chain management. His experience includes consulting and supply chain positions in industry. Lately, he has been working as a supply chain trainee in the automotive industry. With his experience, he leads the business development and further brings his knowledge to the product development.

Giuseppe Benenati
Giuseppe has a double master’s in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. He has managed multiple software design projects at multinational organisations in aerospace (incl. collaborations with ESA) and the automotive industry. His knowledge defines the path of Xylene’s product development.

Florian Model
Florian studied Design in Germany and Scotland. His in-depth professional experience in user-experience, interface design, and system architecture complements the team to further accurately fine-tune and accelerate the development of Xylene.

Funding received under BlockStart: € 1,000 (Ideation Kick-off)