Project Description

“Protect now your Artwork using the Blockchain Technology!” myArtBlock provides artists and collectors a free, instant and permanent certification of their works

Teaser of the company

Innova Solutions has already adopted a blockchain solution for its MyArtBlock project that allows the tracing of the transfer of artworks ownership.

MyArtBlock provides the artists and the collectors a simple but powerful tool that allows to:

  • generate a digital certificate of authenticity for the artwork.
  • verify the authenticity of the certificate through the blockchain.
  • manage artwork transfers and trace it.

Meet the Team

Cesare Bellotti
Cesare BellottiFounder
Startupper, Block chain enthusiast

Innova Solutions’ achievements

  • Selected and received pre-seed funding – prize by Lazioinnova

Total funding received by INNOVA SOLUTIONS S.R.L. under BlockStart: €1,500  for Ideation Kick-off event