Project Description

Horizer turns ANY vehicle into a solar-powered one

Berlin, Germany

Established in 2020

Teaser of the Company

Horizer aims to fragment and democratize the energy market by providing every person with the means to have clean, mobile energy accessible, shareable, and tradeable anywhere.

Companies with a vehicle fleet and vehicle owners use Horizer’s solar module and energy app to reduce fuel consumption, lower cost, and CO2 emissions.

Meet the Team

Jasmina Ristic
Jasmina RisticManaging Director
Over 15 years experience in building business. Expertise in marketing and brand management, strategy and implementation, developing product lines, strategic alliances, open and corporate innovation systems.
Founded and Scaled Business. MS in Marketing Management
Mirko Tadic
Mirko TadicCTO
Previously managing partner at Bridgeway Innovation, Venture Builder and Accelerator, Innovator and Guest Lecturer. Master of Science in Applied Physics and Material Science, studied Ai, Robotics, and Innovation Management @Stanford University, @University of Helsinki, @Belgrade University and @Erasmus University Rotterdam. Over 20 years of coalition-building with multicultural experience through extensive cooperation over multi ventures, institutions and the US, European and Asia research projects. Led corporate and university Innovation and R&D teams. He has founded, managed and scaled multiple businesses globally

Total funding received by Horizer UG (haftungsbeschränkt) under BlockStart: €1,500 for Ideation Kick-off event