A company responsible for an innovative technological project, responsible for the control of the technical infrastructure and maintenance services within the road industry

Żukowo, Poland
Established in 2015


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ELDRO TECHNOLOGIE is the company which executes and coordinates innovative technological projects and develops proprietary IT solutions for the technical infrastructure and services management.

ELDRO24 is the company’s main product which is an innovative IT software for the road industry, created for the companies that are carrying out the infrastructure maintenance. It allows automatic monitoring of contracts, as well as provides the contractor a range of tools allowing optimisation of work and improvement of the economic efficiency.

ELDRO TECHNOLOGIE has tested, validated and adopted Rexs.io‘s blockchain-based solution in the scope of BlockStart:

Rexs.io – Authorizing photos by blockchain technology on ELDRO24 – IT software for road in infrastructure maintenance


Why has the company decided to implement the solution: Critical and road infrastructure maintenance companies use platforms to track and manage the maintenance efforts which helps to reduce the costs of maintenance readiness. The real challenge is keeping up with the very demanding conditions of the Service Level Agreement. One of the main issues of those companies is control over their service workers and subcontractors fixing problems with the infrastructure when the malfunction is reported. Photo evidence is sometimes taken into consideration – the service worker takes pictures of completed work and sends it to their managers. However, this process is not automated and requires further authentication and engagement of several employees. A mobile app integrated with rexs.io would solve the problem of work evidence.

Added value of the solution to the company: Against common view not every aspect of road sector is open for digital solutions. One of them is infrastructure maintenance which is the field of ELDRO TECHNOLOGIE activity. The process of digitization this field is a novelty in itself. However, the company looks for ways to convince local governments and services companies about advantages of the implementation of its product. Security of data is one of the common fear. Consequently, ELDRO TECHNOLOGIE is looking for solutions, which could bring a competitive advantage and help its customers feel safer about their data.

What has been done during BlockStart’s pilot stage: The goal of blockchain implementation in software ELDRO24 is securing data from IoT sensors. According to the company and its clients three aspects should be included:

  • The data which are sourcing and handling cannot be changed, removed or transferred without authorized permission. 
  • Solutions should be easy to implement on different IT infrastructures as our customers often use their own servers, databases, etc. 
  • The blockchain-based security system should be easily accessible from anywhere in the world.

According to the company, Rexs.io did not only deeply understood its needs, problems, but also proposed some solutions, noticed other advantages and disadvantages associated with specific issues. Therefore, in full awareness ELDRO TECHNOLOGIE can confirm the partnership with Rexs.io was satisfying for both sides. 

Meet the Team

Paweł Piechowiak
Paweł PiechowiakBoard Advisor, Registered Representative
Experienced Business and Technology Executive. In ELDRO TECHNOLOGIE responsible for development of crucial projects as well as contacts with Clients and Partners.
Paulina Marcinkowska
Paulina MarcinkowskaMarketing and Business Development Manager
A Sociology graduate with experience in research. In ELDRO TECHNOLOGIE as the Marketing and Business Development Manager responsible for brand strategy.

Media features

Participating in BlockStart Programme is for us an opportunity to meet other companies and start-ups which see the chance of development also in blockchain technology as we do. Blockchain is already common ex. in financial sector but this programme shows for how many fields it could be helpful. That is why also our trade which is road infrastructure seems next natural field to implement blockchain. Without this programme finding the most suitable partner for us will be more risky as there is no possibility to get complex information about a few companies, their interests, experience and goals at one moment.

Paweł Piechowiak, Board Advisor, Registered Representative, ELDRO TECHNOLOGIE

Total funding received by ELDRO TECHNOLOGIE sp. z.o.o. under BlockStart: €4,500 (€1,500 for Ideation Kick-off and €3,000  for Pilot stage)