Project Description

Novi Sad, Serbia
Established in 2015

Company Teaser

BrightHabitat is an SME from Serbia, Novi Sad, focused on innovative blockchain and IoT projects. BrightHabitat is VizLore Labs Foundation spinoff with mission to lead regional ICT technology related innovation and seed entrepreneurship culture. BrightHabitat promotes wider usage of blockchain technology and lowers the blockchain technology adoption bar by providing simplified, user-friendly tools for fast blockchain development. The tools provide use case specific templates for blockchain solutions mapped to real life business workflows, which could be deployed and integration ready in less than 15 minutes. As the commercial vehicle for Europe, Bright Habitat is well positioned to commercialize VizLore Labs ChainRider blockchain as a service in the domain of finance through its network of partners in blockchain domain.

Bright Habitat & BlockStart

The potential of the Blockchain technology for offering novel fintech business models has been recognized by industry-leading companies. However, there is a scarcity of blockchain engineers and developers. Building internal blockchain competencies is expensive and time consuming. Existing blockchain solutions are either too generic or self-centered, incomplete, and hard to integrate with existing systems. ChainRider is solving this problem by providing easy-to-use blockchain set of tools based on Hyperledger Fabric, Dash and Bitcoin for fast prototyping of solutions in Finance domain. ChainRider aims at providing blockchain solutions and services for incentivization programs, digital payment gateways, algorithmic trading and micro-transactions. ChainRider blockchain solutions and services are based on customizable templates of smart contracts and blockchain networks with REST API services which can be deployed as integration ready solutions in less than 15 minutes. ChainRider is promoted as WordPress© for blockchain solutions in fintech.

Meet the team

Ognjen Ikovic (MSc engineering, PhD student)

Is CEO at Bright Habitat (BH). Ognjen is leading BH projects aimed at building blockchain based systems for and beyond IoT, machine learning and data analysis model development and implementation, cloud-based systems and smart building systems.

Milenko Tosic (MSc engineering, PhD student)

Is CTO in BrightHabitat. He is a seasoned internet industry executive with 10 years of experience focused on technology innovation and research strategy.

Sasa Pesic (MSc engineering, PhD student)

Is a R&D Blockchain Engineer in BrightHabitat and a guest researcher/consultant at Arizona State University Blockchain Research Lab. His research interests include blockchain technology and context-aware edge computing systems.

Stanimir Ilic (MSc economy)

Is director of the BrightHabitat mother company (VizLore Labs Foundation) and acts as chief operation officer in BrightHabitat.

Funding received under BlockStart: € 1,000 (Ideation Kick-off)