Management consulting, accounting and advisory company

Lisbon, Portugal

Established in 2019

Teaser of the company

AZZUR PORTUGAL is a management consulting, accounting and advisory company.

With a young, dynamic, experienced and focused team their goal is to provide an efficient service within a concrete and acceptable time horizon, serving the customers with the utmost rigor and confidentiality, keeping them constantly informed of their business situation, respecting the requirements of tax administration in accordance with essential values: ethics, responsibility and competence.

Azzur Portugal has tested, validated and adopted Knowtary‘s blockchain-based solution in the scope of BlockStart:


Why has the company decided to implement the solution: Knowtary has developed an app that can really help us on our working days. They have an application that we have been searching for the last few years  

Added value of the solution to the company: We believe Knowtary solution will bring us added value, by implementing a solution, a new solution to present to our clients. It will allow us to send them documents to be signed without the need of using a computer or even a printer, saving lots of time and therefore, having a huge productivity increase.

What has been done during BlockStart’s pilot stage: During Pilot stage we had periodic meetings with Knowtary team, testing the app, and trying to overtake the problems that were appearing on every step forward we take. We tried to show them our needs and our clients needs in order to reach a solution that can allow us to send the forms to our clients to have them back previously signed by them in a simple mobile phone or tablet.

Meet the Team

João Marcos Rita
João Marcos Rita Managing Partner
Liren Li
Liren Li Commercial Manager
Sérgio Pimenta
Sérgio PimentaAccounting Manager and Senior Advisor

Azzur Portugal’s main achievements

  • Accounting Firm of the Year on Portugal Prestige Awards 2020/2021 

“For AZZUR PORTUGAL it has been great to be part of this project. We have met several new apps that we believe can be part of the organizational revolution needed to achieve multiple productivity gains in a more and more digital world. At AZZUR PORTUGAL we feel grateful to be able to help build and develop some of these solutions so that we can use them in our working days.”


Total funding received by AZZUR PORTUGAL – Unipessoal, Lda. under BlockStart: €4,500  (€1,500 for Ideation Kick-off event 1 and €1,500 for Ideation Kick-off event 2 + €1,500 for Pilot Stage)