MyLime operates B2B2C in the luxury market, supplying a platform for the registration of product meaningful  information, stored in blockchain. The developed platform collects data and related media contents (audio, video, photo, scanned documents) from the value chain, thanks to the integration of a specific sensor in the product. Data visualization and updating, during the product lifecycle are possible through interfaces for supplier, manufacturer, dealer and app for the product owner.

As part of their journey on BlockStart’s Acceleration Programme, as a startup developer of blockchain technology, they were looking to further develop their solution and for new opportunities for collaboration with end-user SMEs that could validate and help them improve their “MyLime” blockchain solution.

We spoke with CEO Elena Moglia to know more about MyLime and their participation in BlockStart.

In one paragraph, what is MyLime?

MyLime is a blockchain-based tracking platform. Our patented technology allows to create the digital passport of the product. The information of its whole life cycle, including media contents (photo, video, audio, documents) are stored thanks to a patented process. We solve the authentication and counterfeiting problem while creating stronger loyalty connections between brands and customers.

Can you tell us how the idea for your startup began?

The idea started with the aim to put together the luxury and the technological world. How can technology help the luxury market? By tracking its history and giving value to its peculiar characteristics.

What is MyLime passionate about achieving?

MyLime wants to create a lasting value for the product by letting only authorized users store all the products characteristics and history.

Who are the team members and what backgrounds do you have?

The company’s stakeholders are:

Maddalena Nocivelli:  President of MyLime, from 2008 president of DAB Group, CEO S4Win. 35 years’ experience in industry and business (leading the launch of new initiatives) in various top management positions at company level within the value chain.

Elena Moglia: CEO-MyLime, from 2016 to 2017 Editorial executive and MD personal assistant for FOUR Magazine -Dubai. International experience and a master degree in luxury goods enables her to meet the challenges of product positioning and communication with a pragmatic but also cutting edge approach.

Antonio Molinari: CTO-MyLime, from 2007 Web developer and co-owner of Incode. The experience gained in over 25 years in the development of modular and flexible B2B and B2C platforms, guarantees the most efficient flexibility in customising MyLime technology in any application field.

Luca Bravo: Head of Design-MyLime, from 2007 Head of design and co-owner of Incode. The experience gained in over 25 years in the web and app interface will ensure the most efficient interpretation of the needs of the counterpart in terms of displaying and writing data in each application field.

Alfredo Reboa: 20 years in the automotive industry covering top management positions in Fiat Chrysler – Maserati. The expertise nurtured worldwide in the very complex automotive plants with an active role in lean manufacturing is going to assure a standardized approach to start and improve any pilot project in order to extend it later in a very efficient and effective way thanks to the lesson learned management.

Can you tell us about the prototype you have developed with the support of BlockStart Acceleration Programme?

During the prototype stage, myLime developed a new and easier web interface for the company’s users.

All the UI and UX were redefined and there was the creation of different pages in order to reach in an easier and faster way the most important informations: tag associated with the product/asset, list of assets, events connected to each asset, list of owners associated to each asset. In every different page mentioned before, the entire workflow was standardized  and made more perceivable.

What were you most excited about in taking part of BlockStart Acceleration Programme?

We were excited to share our solution with mentors and potential adopters who could give us feedback.

Which were the major challenges you have faced during the development and market/fit validation of your prototype?

The main challenge was the standardization of the solution in order to apply it to different products from various industries.

What unique aspects does your company and the prototype you have developed have to offer to the market sectors/type of companies you wish to enter/sell and to the blockchain ecosystem in Europe, as a whole?

The growth of the counterfeit market, the lack of transparency and traceability along the product journey, result in business inefficiency and therefore lead to the loss of millions of euros every year. Our solution by associating a sensor to a product, is able to store through a patented process all the relevant information of the asset.

Is collaboration with SME adopters important for piloting your solution?

Collaboration with SMEs is important in order to collect feedback from companies coming from different fields and having various needs.

Where do you see your company in 5 years?

In 5 years we hope to become leaders in the automotive industry at European level. However, we aim to enter also other markets like watch, wine & spirits, art.


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