Project Description

Notarize product’s information and media contents

Modena and Cremona, Italy
Established in 2018

Teaser of the company

MyLime operates B2B2C in the luxury market, supplying a platform for the registration of product meaningful  information, stored in blockchain. The developed platform collects data and related media contents (audio, video, photo,scanned documents)from the value chain, thanks to the integration of a specific sensor in the product. Data visualization and updating, during the product lifecycle are possible through interfaces for supplier, manufacturer, dealer and app for the product owner.

MyLime will test and validate the following blockchain-based solution in the scope of BlockStart:

MyLime- Create lasting value

MyLime offers a solution composed of a tag, with a unique code identifier directly linked to the serial number of the product, a B2B web interface where information is registered in blockchain and a B2C app where data are visualized.

This solution aims to protect products’ authenticity, trace their journey along the value chain and create a closed ecosystem where selected network participants can read, write or approve the information regarding a product.

Our target clients are B2B companies in:

– Mobility: automotive, bike, aerospace, yachting

– Fashion: watch, jewellery

– Lifestyle: wine and spirits, art

Meet the Team

Elena Moglia
Elena MogliaCEO, Shareholder
Main background in economics with a focus on luxury products management. Guiding brands towards a communication of innovative concepts and innovative product development to reach the right dose of Cool-ness
Maddalena Nocivelli
Maddalena NocivelliPresident, Shareholder
Deep knowledge of innovative services. Since 2008 president of DAB Group-innovation for global security and CEO of S4Win-digital strategies
Antonio Molinari
Antonio MolinariCTO, Shareholder
Web developer and tech enthusiast, co-owner since 2007 of Incode, company specialized in full stack development
Alfredo Reboa
Alfredo ReboaIndustrial Processes Expert, Shareholder
20 years in the Automotive industry covering top management positions in Fiat Chrysler- latest role as innovative director of Maserati
Luca Bravo
Luca BravoHead of Design, Shareholder
Since 2007 UX designer and front-end web developer, co-owner Incode. Unsplash Ambassador
Allegra Marini
Allegra MariniBlockchain Application Manager
Economics background devoted in discovering how blockchain can be a driver for business model innovation. Experiences in different projects related to technology

MyLime’s achievements

Media features

Total funding received by MyLime Srl under BlockStart: €1,000  for Ideation Kick-off event