HODLNG solution tracks the outcome on GHGs with granularity and traces a carbon-neutral cargo’s compensation activities and status.

As part of their journey on BlockStart’s Acceleration Programme, as a startup developer of blockchain technology, they were looking to further develop their solution and for new opportunities for collaboration with end-user SMEs that could validate and help them improve their “Blockchain of Things Devices” blockchain solution.

We spoke with the CEO Jean-Christophe Finidori to know more about HODLNG and their participation in BlockStart.

In one paragraph, what is HODLNG?

We create the differentiated fully sustainable solution for carbon-neutral LNG. Our solution tracks the outcome on GHGs with granularity and traces a carbon-neutral cargo’s compensation activities and status. We unlock the possibility of splitting the task of reaching an LNG carbon-neutral cargo by providing a solution for multi actors to decarbonize (offset a volume of GHG) on a cargo. The users can claim the delivered offset actions. An audit or third party can access for verifying the details of compensation activities. Throughout the transaction’s lifetime, the system collects fees redistributed to NGOs, local communities, or associations vetted by the stakeholders.

Can you tell us how the idea for your startup began?

The CEO was reading the Financial Times and the idea pops up in his mind! Just like that!

What is HODLNG passionate about achieving?

Differentiated fully sustainable solution for carbon-neutral LNG

Who are the team members and what backgrounds do you have?

Jean-Christophe Finidori is founder, CEO, former UN international civil servant, Decentralized Internet expert, honoured by the Commercial Science Academy in France.
Snjezana Jovanovic is founder, COO International business development, Editor international politics, EU correspondent Energy & Transport, polyglot, high-ranking governments bodies engage.
Julien Bringer, PhD, founder, CTO, Expert in Blockchain technologies and innovation, IoT, security, cryptography, biometrics, identity, privacy.
Friedger Müffke, PhD, lead developer, Android, co-founder NOVODA (Berlin office), founder OpenIntents, droidcon event, Blockstack evangelist.

Can you tell us about the prototype you have developed with the support of BlockStart Acceleration Programme?

HODLNG develops “Biogas Tx” in the scope of Blockstart: a unique blockchain-based solution for the negative carbon footprint Biogas producers. This product emphasizes the role of biogas plants in GHG compensation. “Biogas Tx” provides immutability, transparency, trust, and reliability by creating a digital asset on the blockchain representing the CO2 emission avoided thanks to biogas production. Therefore, biogas producers can leverage the digital asset for receiving at the end a financial incentive to support the development of their sustainable production as a reward mechanism for exceptional performance in mitigating climate change.

What were you most excited about in taking part of BlockStart Acceleration Programme?

The partnership with the SMEs.

Which were the major challenges you have faced during the development and market/fit validation of your prototype?

To educate on the Blockchain

What unique aspects does your company and the prototype you have developed have to offer to the market sectors/type of companies you wish to enter/sell and to the blockchain ecosystem in Europe, as a whole?

HODLNG proposes to digitalize the proof of origin of biogas for CO2 negative biogas producers to help them cope with capped revenues and receive additional support from large companies to offset CO2 to reduce reliance on subsidies and trigger incentives to support CO2 negative emissions, and to foster the development of biogas because it reduces the global carbon footprint.
The idea is to create a reward token for biogas producers who produce negative CO2 and those who have avoided CO2 during the production process.
To do this, we focus on proof of origin through a digital asset that captures all the information of a given volume of gas, associated with a producer with specific attributes to specifically track and incentivize sustainability based on GHGs, CO2 avoided, generate a bonus for negative CO2.
It helps to track, share, trade, report and verify the sustainability of a biogas specific production.
We design the concept of estimating the compensation as the delta between what biogas producers generate and what one would have consumed to handle and dispose agricultural wastes, together with a “backward” distribution of incentives to the stakeholders that contribute to save/compensate.
The main benefits for the biogas producer are additional revenues. Plus, an accurate and transparent statement of the level of GHG avoided or diminish provides by an issuing secure certificate. And, less paperwork.

Is collaboration with SME adopters important for piloting your solution?

The SME’s collaboration helps to validate our assumptions, and fine-tune the solution client oriented.

Where do you see your company in 5 years?

In 2026, thanks to our consortium, we are exploring a worldwide spread of our ecosystem and initiating the member’s states commission. In 2030, we’ll reach out 210 M USD. Our offices span four continents: Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific, and North America. We have about 50 regular customers. The gross rate of return on investment is close to 50%. The return on equity is more than 20%. Over the platform, we are distributing our tokens. We are issuing a stable coin as an underlying gas reserve. Over hundreds of NGO benefits from our value generation. We are developing new applications for Biogas and more for the maritime sector. We are attending LNG2025, host by Qatar, the 21st International Conference and Exhibition on Liquefied Natural Gas, to discuss the standard of technical and commercial innovation and strategic development of HODLNG.


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