Project Description

Leveraging social and environmental impacts through transactions

Tallinn, Estonia

Established in 2019

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Beyond the capabilities of a secured distributed ledger offered by the Blockchain (tamper-proof and immutability of the information), we are using public Blockchain networks to offer LNG stakeholders to create a digital asset associated with a specific volume of natural gas and concrete usages related to the carbon footprint (GHG emissions) of the gas, ESG, and diversion. Our solution gives a tangible value to intangible attribute in the gas industry, in the context of the social & environmental impacts of natural gas.

Hodnlg will test and validate the following blockchain-based solution in the scope of BlockStart:

Digitalized Biogas

We are selling a solution to boost biogas market for producers and distributors. IT costs 1125€/y/producer, plus 0,2/MMBtu. European market represents 17 783 enities producing 65 179 GWh, we get along more than 56M/year.

  • Starting from our HODLNG MVP for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), using the digital asset (DA) to introduce new features for biogas to reach out to SMEs
  • Tackling identified problems in the biogas industry with our DA which captures all information of a given volume of gas, associated with a producer with specific attributes, to track non-material value; and to trade, share, to report and verify
  • Engaging with biogas players, including SMEs, to facilitate the adoption of Blockchain technologies and simultaneously to foster the traction for alternative sources of natural gas production; within Blockstart framework
  • Deliver EU Green Deal 2030 expectations (at least 32% energy from renewables)
  • Positioning gas (fossil and biogas origination) in the European energy mix, with a biogas market share reaching 10%, as planned
  • Provide Guarantees of Origin: European standard for sustainable gas
  • Gas categorization (land-based input); quality and pressure, plug-in and injection into the pipeline network;
  • Volume identified; storage impediment & decentralization; proven gas characteristics;
  • Enhance transmission network: decentralization to Smart grid
  • Significant potential of biogas for grid balancing
  • Adaptation of the network to include more volume, and not losing the storage
  • Increase transparency and traceability: the proof of injection and the proof of withdrawal
  • Secure fair remunerations for all value chain players
  • New sources of revenue for all actors, including smallest entities
  • Profitability based on organic-matter (different pricing structure); including from tenders
  • Incentivize adoption of biogas by end-users

HODLNG digital asset reach 3D= digitalization; decentralization; decarbonization for biogas

Meet the Team

Jean-Christophe Finidori
Jean-Christophe Finidori Founder, CEO
20 years of Internet expertise, former UN civil servant, ICANN, award-winning publications, Commercial Science Academy award in France
Snjezana Jovanovic
Snjezana Jovanovic Founder, COO
International relation expert, EU energy, government bodies engage, partnerships and resources mobilization, communication
Julien Bringer
Julien BringerFounder, CTO
Scientific solid research & technology innovation experiences, Serial innovator: 50+ pending patents, 80+ publications, system architecture

Hodlng’s achievements

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Total funding received by HODLNG OÜ under BlockStart: €1,000 for Ideation Kick-off event