The harddiskmuseum is a digital art museum founded by Soliman Lopez in 2015. The goal of the museum is to create an environment (marketplace/ museum) that cultivates and promotes digital files whilst respecting their nature.

As part of their journey on BlockStart’s 3rd Acceleration Programme, as an SME adopter, they were looking for new opportunities for collaboration with technology providers of DLT/blockchain solutions that could improve their business. This is the testimonial of their experience in our programme.

In one paragraph, what is Harddiskmuseum?

The harddiskmuseum is a digital art museum stored in a 2TB hard drive that counts with the collaboration of more than 120 artists, including the first ultra-realistic AI artist: AI-DA. The museum has the goal of creating a space that promotes the conservation and cultivation of digital files and is now launching its own marketplace that promotes the democratization of industry whilst honouring the works of different artists.

What is Harddiskmuseum passionate about achieving?

Our goal is to engage museums and other art institutions in the new, digital era of art. Doing so in a sustainable way which promotes the cultivation of digital files and the promotion of emerging talents.

Can you tell us why you have decided to apply to BlockStart’s 3rd Call for end-user SMEs?

We decided to join Blockstart’s call for end user SMEs because we felt like there was a lot to learn in the way that companies use blockchain in order to create value. Being a relatively

What major challenges have you faced during the implementation/testing of BlockStart’s blockchain-based solution?

The biggest challenge faced was to choose the best blockchain solution taking into account the environmental impact and hyper connection features.

What kind of impact do you think the blockchain-based solution you have implemented in the scope of BlockStart may bring to your company?

This new project will bring the harddiskmuseum visibility whilst at the same time providing visibility for digital village. Also, we are expanding our digital versions and connecting with blockchain solutions in order to create added value for our users.

Where do you see your company in 5 years?

In 5 years we see the harddiskmuseum with its own large metaverse, fully dedicated to art. Showcasing content in a variety of different formats – VR, AR, Videos, experiences, Collections, individual artworks and more. We see the museum being a leader in the sector, promoting the conceptual works that challenge our notions of art and the real world. The museum hopes to be  an important actor across the industry whilst being a pioneer of digital files.

Want to know more about the blockchain-based solution adopted by Harddiskmuseum?

Visit Digital Village’s webpage or watch the video below to learn more about the “Digital Village”, solution implemented by Harddiskmuseum in the scope of BlokStart’s 3rd Acceleration Programme.


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