BMS Racetech is focused on Motorsport, offering their racing experience to improve the performance on the racetrack, road and offroad.

As part of their journey on BlockStart’s 2nd Acceleration Programme, as an SME adopter, they were looking for new opportunities for collaboration with technology providers of DLT/blockchain solutions that could improve their business. This is the testimonial of their experience in our programme.

In one paragraph, what is Motoblockchain?

MotoBlockChain is an entrepreneur company that works to combine the new system of BlockChain with our passion, motorcycles.

What is Motoblockchain passionate about achieving?

They are passionate about get our motorcycle community an option to be more and more connected with their machines and as well creating a digital identity of our motorcycles to follow every modification, service and problem they have had, giving more confident to the customer the day you want to sell it.

Can you tell us why you have decided to apply to BlockStart’s 2nd Call for end-user SMEs?

We were long time looking for projects which we can add some value to. Until we found this program we were contacting independent people working by their own but BlockStarts Call makes it a lot easier for us and for the Developers to find people to help them as well.

What major challenges have you faced during the implementation/testing of BlockStart’s blockchain-based solution?

Honestly, It was very easy to work with the MotoBlockChain Team. Nothing is a problem for them, always with open mind and very resolutive guys.

What kind of impact do you think the blockchain-based solution you have implemented in the scope of BlockStart may bring to your company?

It will not bring a direct impact but it will help us to give a better service to our customers. And as well it will in some points make our job easier to find the problems on the motorcycle.

Where do you see your company in 5 years?

We are growing quite fast and on the good direction being involved into World and National championships in Superbike Class. Working with BMW Motorrad Motorsport giving our racing experience to develop the new BMW S1000RR and M1000RR.
We will keep pushing on this direction making our experience and brand growing more and more.

Want to know more about the blockchain-based solution adopted by BMS Racetech?

Visit Motoblockchain’s webpage or watch the video below to learn more about the “MOBD: motorcycle on board diagnostic connected system” solution implemented by Anaya MX Moto in the scope of BlokStart’s 2nd Acceleration Programme.


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