Are you a blockchain/DLT startup working in the field of ICT, fintech or retail and looking to further develop your blockchain product/service? Then BlockStart’s 3rd and final Acceleration Programme might be the right fit for you. Find out more

The 3rd and final Open Call for BlockStart’s Acceleration Programme has just opened. Startups across Europe and H2020 Associated Countries that work with blockchain/DLT technologies in the fields of ICT, fintech or retail can apply to participate at this programme. You have until 26 May at 5pm CET (Brussels Time) to apply.

This acceleration programme will provide startups with access to a variety of perks, including: equity-free funding (up to €20,000 for blockchain/DLT solution providers), piloting opportunities to help developers explore new value streams for market ready blockchain-tech, support from BlockStart team and network of fellow participants, intermediaries and advisors, individualized coaching/mentorship from Bright Pixel, CIVITTA and F6S teams and networking with industry leaders, technology pitching and showcase opportunities at blockchain events and industry conferences.

The selected startups will go to a 6-month programme that starts with the Ideation Kick-off (a match between SMEs and blockchain solution providers), after which the most successful blockchain/DLT developers are admitted to a 4-month Prototype stage aimed at supporting the product/market fit of the blockchain solution. Finally, during a 2-month Pilot stage, startups working with blockchain and other DLTs will have a unique opportunity to validate their solutions, pilot their innovations with end-user SMEs and work toward product/market fit. A selected company could obtain up to €20,000 of non-refundable financing if it reaches the end of the programme. At least, 20 startups are expected to be selected to the Ideation Kick-off, after which a minimum of 10 are chosen to go to the Prototype stage. From those, at least 5 are foreseen to move forward to the Pilot stage and directly work with end-user SMEs.

At the end of the Pilot stage, startup developers will have the chance to present their products/services, main developments and pilots results at BlockStart’s Demo Day event (you can learn more about this event by taking a look at our blogpost and by watching the video recording of the 1st event).

Any startup that works with blockchain/DLT technologies is eligible as a participant. To participate, startups should complete an application form and include all mandatory Annexes, that can be found here. In order to further support our startups, BlockStart will organize two Q&A Webinars for future applicants on 14 April and 12 May at 11am CET (Brussels Time). You can register here for the first one and you can save you seat here for the second one.

Collaborating with end-user SMEs

One of the main objectives of BlockStart is to encourage collaboration between end-user SMEs and potential blockchain/DLT specialists, as technology providers, and to promote knowledge about the benefits and opportunities of these technologies. This collaboration is of upmost importance in the Pilot stage of the acceleration programme, where startups will have the chance to test their solutions together with SME adopters.

The  1st cut-off date of Open Call #3 for SME adopters to participate at the Ideation Kick-off will close on 6 July at 5pm CET (Brussels Time). Only SMEs operating in the fields of fintech, ICT and retail are eligible and should apply here. A 2nd cut-off date for SME adopters is expected for the end of the year, for SMEs participation at the Pilot stage, which will start in December 2021.

Selected SME adopters will benefit from up to €4,500 equity-free grants, with €1,500 being provided upon their participation at the Ideation Kick-off and €3,000 after completing the Pilot stage, together with the blockchain developers

Eligible SMEs will have the chance to implement blockchain/DLT pilot solutions together with blockchain startups, that have gone through BlockStart’s 3rd Acceleration Programme.

We are also looking for Evaluators

For this Open Call #3, we are also looking for external evaluators experts in the fields of fintech, ICT and retail, experienced in blockchain, ICT and/or investment entrepreneurship. They should also be experienced in evaluating European Commission proposals or similar.

The deadline for Expressions of Interest is 3 May at 5pm CET (Brussels Time) and submissions must be made through the F6S online form.

About the 1st and 2nd Open Calls

The 1st and 2nd Open Calls had more than 200 applications combined for blockchain/DLT startups, from which 40 startups were selected and 20 of them have passed to the Prototype stage (10 in each Open Call). This stage is still in process regarding Open Call #2 and will end in a couple of weeks with the selection of the top 5 startups who will go to the Pilot stage of BlockStart’s 2nd Acceleration Programme.

Curious about their journey in our programme? Take a look at their testimonials!

Apply by 26 May at 5pm CET (Brussels Time) and don’t miss the opportunity to participate in our Acceleration Programme that will help you boost the go-to-market of your blockchain/DLT technology.

Read the Guidelines for Applicants to ensure you know everything there is to know about BlockStart before applying and don’t forget to register for our Q&A Webinars to clarify all your doubts.

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