We are thrilled to share some statistics behind BlockStart’s Open Call #2

BlockStart’s Open Call #2 for DLT/blockchain startups closed on the 30th of September, with 111 finalized applications. The top 20 most promising teams have been selected to join the project’s 2nd Acceleration Programme and are already on their way to shaping Europe’s blockchain future.

This 2nd Acceleration Programme will be quite an intensive journey as our startups will further develop and implement their blockchain-based technology, together with selected end-user SME, and we are happy to present the statistics behind its Open Call.

Open Call #2 for startup developers

In total, 213 proposals were started and 111 were submitted (corresponding to a success rate of 52%).

The selection and evaluation remained a strict and demanding process, with the highest number of submitted applications coming from Italy (14), Spain (13) and Germany (11), closely followed by Portugal (10).

Regarding the three target sectors – fintech, ICT and retail – it can be stated that they were well covered by the submitted applications. Since applicants were able to choose more than one sector, 62 were in the scope of fintech, 60 on ICT and 32 on retail.

Take a closer look at our Infographic

Where to go next?

The top 20 selected DLT/blockchain startups were invited to participate at BlockStart’s Ideation Kick-off event: a matchmaking event between startup developers and 10 end-user SMEs, that have previously applied to the Open Call #2 for end-user SMEs (1st cut-off date). For the first time, developers and end-users have the opportunity to initiate a conversation on available solutions and existing problems.

However, this online event is also about selecting which startup developers will be part of the 2nd Acceleration Programme and develop DLT/blockchain-based solutions. The top 20 startups will thus have the chance to pitch their solution and how they are thinking about implementing it over the next 6 months and the 10 most promising and innovative ones will be selected to enter the Prototype stage of BlockStart’s Acceleration Programme – a 4 months stage in which they will receive business and technical mentorship to achieve product/market-fit.

The maximum amount of funding that each startup developer can receive is €1,000 for participation at the Ideation Kick-off; while an SME adopter may receive €1,500 to compensate for their engagement with developers in this particular event that kicks-off the 2nd BlockStart Acceleration Programme.

Stay in touch and follow up

We would like to thank all the more than 100 teams that have applied to BlockStart’s Partnership Programme. Our committee of experts and external evaluators had a tough time deliberating over so many qualified projects. Missing the cut at such an initial stage may hurt, but we will do our best to follow-up all our startups the best we can and there is also another Open Call ready for launch in early next year.

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