On the 9th of June, BlockStart organized a Webinar in which industry leaders were invited to share their expertise and talk about the latest trends, myths and things we might not know about blockchain. Take a look at the main takeaways 

The aim of the Webinar was to introduce the technology trends, clear the misconceptions and introduce various blockchain technology applications as well as challenges that come with it.

The list of presentations included 10 interesting facts and myths about the blockchain technology: Andrius Bartminas, founder at Superhow, in his presentation firstly highlighted common myths, such as that the fact that technology and cryptocurrencies are harmful for the environment; that blockchain is only for anarchists, also known as revolutionists; and that blockchain and cryptocurrencies are the best for money laundering and terrorist activities. Andrius then explained where those myths come from and later moved on to the interesting facts about blockchain. 

Mirko Lorenz, Expert at H2020 NGI TruBlo project and Innovation Manager at Deutsche Welle , joined the Webinar to present the unexpected areas of blockchain application (clearing the fact that blockchain can be used in more things than just cryptocurrencies) and presented blockchain for reliable content and the trust this technology gives in the communication world.  He highlighted and presented some already existing solutions that can be used to track the origin of the content shared online.

Another Webinar speaker, Silvan Jongerius, Expert at H2020 B-Hub for Europe project, touched on an important point about data regulation and well known GDPR, but before diving deeper into the issues that come with it, Silvan briefly explained the types and principles of blockchain. Later on, he introduced clearly defined roles under the data protection regulation as well as the alignments and misalignments in terms of blockchain and GDPR relation.

At the very beginning of the Webinar, Baptiste Cota, blockchain VC investor, Founding Partner at LeadBlock Partners, gave a sneak peek to soon-to-be-published report “Enterprise Blockchain 2021”, which provides data driven insights into the uncharted enterprise blockchain world and data economy. According to Baptiste, blockchain’s decentralized and immutable nature has unprecedented potential to re-imagine today’s world. This technology is a powerful tool to reshape how businesses are run, making them more equitable, and transparent.

The event moderator, BlockStart project expert Vytautas Černiauskas, closed the event with the presentation of top three industries – wholesale & retail, fintech and ICT – which at the moment would benefit from blockchain technology adoption the most. The tool to assess if a given company would benefit from blockchain application was also presented and it can be used for free at BlockStart’s website – https://www.blockstart.eu/dlt/ .

If you have not been able to join us on the 9th of June, you can watch the video recording below: