Join us on 27 May at 3pm CET for an online panel discussion where experts will discuss how to make sure regulation helps and not hinders the development of blockchain solutions

Blockchain and related technologies have the potential to fundamentally transform a wide range of industries and the regulatory framework of such technology should be understood as a ‘living strategy’. It must be constantly reviewed to ensure that it grows with and encourages innovation within the industry. 

How to find a balance between encouraging new ideas and fostering innovation and protecting consumer rights and ensuring prevention of bad acts? How to make sure regulation helps and not interferes with the development of blockchain-based solutions? 

Some may say that in order to create a regulatory framework quickly and with minimal risk, governments should collaborate with innovators, implement mechanisms such as regulatory sandboxes, and consider international approaches, particularly to work together on use cases. What are the current initiatives, projects, successful pilots? 

Can effective communication and consultations between governments, technologists, and the broader community enable all parties to better understand the interests and concerns of blockchain development and the impact of such technology more broadly?

Join us on 27 May between 3pm-4:30pm CET for an online panel discussion, co-organized with B-Hub Blockchain for Europe project and Spherik Accelerator –  on blockchain technology regulation and find out from our invited experts – Sonia Sotero Muñíz, from New Technologies Department at Santander City Council, Johannes Mikkonen, Senior Policy Expert, Digital Governance at Demos Helsinki and expert at TOKEN project, Tudor Stanciu, Co-founder of Digital2Law and Arnoud Berghuis, Co-founder and Board member of the Dutch Blockchain Association, Blockchain Knowledge Foundation what can help build the most appropriate regulatory framework which would support sustainable blockchain innovation. The panel discussion will be moderator by Vytautas Černiauskas, expert at CIVITTA.

The panel discussion is free-of-charge, but registration in mandatory: Once registered, you will be provided with a Zoom link a couple of days before. The event will also be streamed live on BlockStart´s Facebook channel.



Introduction | Vytautas Černiauskas (3pm)

What it means to digital systems to get regulated by non-digital frameworks | Arnoud Berghuis (3:10pm)

Overview of the current situation of blockchain regulation | Tudor Stanciu (3:25pm)

Santander city evaluates the viability of Blockchain networks in public services in Spain. How did the trial of distributed governance go? | Sonia Sotero Muniz (3:40pm)

Blockchain projects in the public sector, regulatory challenges, lessons learned. (Link to private businesses?) | Johannes Mikkonen (4pm)

What could be the recommendations for the policy makers | All speakers (4:20pm)