Subscriptions to e-bikes & associated services

Madrid, Spain

Established in 2019

Teaser of the company

Wifly is a concept of e-bike subscription for careless e-bikers: Insured, with maintenance services and reparations, all 100% online and delivered at home. This solution allows for 100% availability, safe vehicles and economic price while freeing the user from any inconvenience like thefts or crashes, in the Spanish electric micromobility sector.

Meet the Team

Jaime de Carvajal Morillo
Jaime de Carvajal MorilloCTO
Jaime is our tech saavy co-founder. He has a math background and is now pursuing a double degree in software engineer and computational math.
Carlos Aguado Alonso
Carlos Aguado AlonsoCMO
Carlos has recently graduated from a Marketing Management master’s degree and has prior experience as a management member of a very successful startUp in Spain: Aloha Poké.

Luis Jaime Sacristán Carvajal
Luis Jaime Sacristán CarvajalCEO
Jaime is a prior quant that jumped into entrepreneurship 4 years ago

Wifly’s achievements

Media features

Total funding received by BEASYCLE SL under BlockStart: €1,500  for Ideation Kick-off event