Helsinki, Finland

Established in 2019

Company Teaser

We Encourage works as a fundraising agent for NGOs and small-scale fundraisers empowering women and girls under oppression, honor-based violence and forced marriages. To accompany this We Encourage is building a conversational AI tool.
Hundreds of millions of girls and women are suffering from different forms of violence and oppression. Also, 12 million girls are forced into marriage every year, end of childhood, end of education. We Encourage believes that every girl has the right for education, equality and empowerment. Every woman has the right to live free from violence and oppression.
Globally, there are thousands of Non-profit organizations helping girls and women under oppression. However, for fundraising these organizations lack resources and tools, marketing know how, transparency, just to name but few. From the donor’s side, research shows that donors value transparency, follow-up, communal feeling and connection.

Meet the team

Anna Juusela
CEO and founder of We Encourage
Ambitious, visionary entrepreneur, pulled by a vision and determined to make an impact.

Kristina Mancheva
Graphic Designer
Amid 7 years of continuous corporate and freelance experience, I have been tasked with solving creative challenges, in finding new ways for individuals and businesses to materialize and sell their ideas, products, and services.

Laura-Maaria Penttilä
UX/UI designer intern
Passion for creating. A fan of sleek, functional and beautiful designs. Thrives for minimalism and efficiency and settles for nothing less than wow.

Total funding received by We Encourage Oy LTd under BlockStart: € 1,500 (Ideation Kick-off)