Project Description

Digital issuing platform for securitisation transactions

Rome, Italy

Established in 2019

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Stonize is a digital issuance platform making securitisation simple, cost-efficient, and transparent. The platform combines eIDAS digital identities and permissionless blockchain technologies, enabling a fast and reliable workflow. Thanks to the digital securitisation, originators can seamlessly get liquidity from a portfolio of assets on a non-recourse basis, while institutional investors can access a diverse pool of assets with an attractive risk-return profile and make well informed decisions based on extensive and trusted data. Current focus is on trade receivables.

Stonize will test and validate the following blockchain-based solution in the scope of BlockStart:

Stonize – making digital securitisation more accessible to SMEs

The overall application goal is to strengthen workflow standardisation, automation and speed, and enable SMEs acquisition. In particular:

  • Standardise asset transfer documentation and apply smart contract logic and trusted automation for documentation management
  • Integration of selected qualified digital identities/signatures
  • Integration with users’ IT systems
  • Go-live of a securitisation transaction

The profiles of potential adopters are:

  • Originators: companies originating performing assets
  • Institutional investors: asset managers, broker-dealers

Service providers: companies offering securitisation operational services

Meet the Team

Alessandro Ranaldi
Alessandro RanaldiCEO
 Master in Corporate Finance
 MSc & BSc in Industrial engineering
 Experience in entrepreneurial environment and leading multinational companies
Giuseppe Morlino
Giuseppe MorlinoHead of research and integration
 PhD in Computer Science
 AI Researcher
 Serial high-tech entrepreneur
Michele Mastrogiovanni
Michele MastrogiovanniCTO
 PhD in Computer Science
 Software Architect
 20+ years of experience in IT system design and development

Stonize’s achievements

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Total funding received by Stonize S.r.l. under BlockStart: €1,000  for Ideation Kick-off event