Digital platform for securitisation workflow management

Rome, Italy

Established in 2019

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Stonize is a digital platform making securitisation simple, cost-efficient, and transparent. The platform combines eIDAS digital identities and permissionless blockchain technologies, enabling a fast and reliable workflow. Thanks to the digital securitisation, originators can seamlessly get liquidity from a portfolio of assets on a non-recourse basis, while institutional investors can access a diverse pool of assets with an attractive risk-return profile and make well informed decisions based on extensive and trusted data.

Stonize has developed the following blockchain-based prototype in the scope of BlockStart:

Stonize & Flow

Stonize | Flow

Stonized started the Blockstart programme with a single product and during the prototype phase it also launched a second product called Flow, leveraging the knowledge that it got from Stonize in terms of privacy, security and use of blockchain technology.

Product 1: Stonize has a mission to make securitisation accessible and transparent. It is a digital platform for securitisation workflow management. It guarantees 10 times faster procedures and enhanced data integrity. The platform covers 3 areas: the onboarding of the involved players, the transfer of the assets pool, and the related reporting. It leverages 2 enabling technologies: eIDAS compliant digital identities and the Algorand permissionless PoS blockchain.

Product 2: Flow has a mission to connect people through voice. It is the easiest way to hang out online with friends and new buddies. In particular, it allows users to interact while listening to the same audio content, like if they are in the same room. It’s not just a simple audio chatroom, it’s an immersive experience where one person (called Flower) picks an audio content (e.g. a music or podcast from YouTube, or something they recorded for themselves) and puts it into the flow so that everybody can listen to it at the same time; then everyone can interact on top of it by talking and reacting through sounds effects. You can see a flow as the online audio version of living rooms, bars or shows.

Technical development during Prototype stage

During the development of Stonize and Flow, the following technical developments have taken place:

The company worked on the Self-onboarding and Trusted automation features.

The former allows users to onboard on the platform on their own. It integrated the trusted services to enable a legally binding onboarding and started the accreditation procedure to become an authorised service provider for the two Italian eIDAS-compliant digital identities: SPID and CIE. It developed the MFA, the self-onboarding workflow and integrated the SPID standard access framework.

The Trusted automation allows users to generate legal contracts based on templates and custom input data and to easily verify the integrity of the legal contracts. It developed the microservice architecture, the engine to produce XHTMLs files, and implemented the open source standard to produce PDF/A from XHTMLs files. It also integrated the digital signature workflow.

In the medium term, Stonize plans to finish the accreditation procedure to become an authorised SPID and CIE service provider and to go live with a new licensing contract. This requires the integration with the client IT systems.

The company worked on the Interaction and Synchronised audio content features.

The former allows users to talk and react through sounds effects. It developed microservices to manage authentication, authorisation, virtual rooms and real-time communication, and implemented P2P voice communication and emoji sounds. It also developed a Progressive Web App for Android and desktop OS.

The Synchronized audio content allow users to listen to the same audio content at the same time. It developed an individual and synchronised audio streaming service and integrated YouTube for the audio content sourcing.

In the medium term, Stonize plans to enable features to improve the security for the users and the experience for the creators. All the features were defined, designed and developed thanks to the interaction with users and potential adopters.

Business development during Prototype stage

During the development of Stonize and Flow, the following business developments have taken place:

For both products, Stonize outperformed the goal of the market validation area. Specifically:

Engaged with 21 companies and got 3 declarations of interests

With regards to the business area, the company released a demo and accomplished a good result in terms of definition of the use case, sales process, commercial deck and short demo video.

Got 4 declarations of interests by content creators.

With regards to the business area, it released a demo that helped the team for the user interviews it runs, defined the use case, released an MVP with the new brand and created a pitch deck.

Meet the Team

Alessandro Ranaldi
Alessandro RanaldiCEO
 Master in Corporate Finance
 MSc & BSc in Industrial engineering
 Experience in entrepreneurial environment and leading multinational companies
Giuseppe Morlino
Giuseppe MorlinoHead of research and integration
 PhD in Computer Science
 AI Researcher
 Serial high-tech entrepreneur
Michele Mastrogiovanni
Michele MastrogiovanniCTO
 PhD in Computer Science
 Software Architect
 20+ years of experience in IT system design and development

Stonize’s achievements

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For more information, download the company’s portfolio and leaflet:

The Blockstart programme was a great experience! We got a tailored support and advice from the community of mentors about go-to-market, funding and programme execution.

Alessandro Ranaldi , CEO, Stonize

Total funding received by Stonize under BlockStart: €16,000 (€1,000 for Ideation Kick-off and €15,000 for Prototype stage)