Aveiro, Portugal

Established in 2017


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Spin&Turn has 13 years of experience on embedded system development, hardware and software, and their integration on large scaled systems.
The last few years, company is running the Spin4Chain project aims to identify and trace raw materials in supply chain. It is important for the built IoT sensor, guarantee that what is measured is what is stored, and this is where recent solutions propose the use of blockchain. This is a good approach, but data from IoT sensors is not adapted to the blockchain format, and a frontend is required to translate between both worlds. Under this scenario, there is the risk that data be intercepted and adulterated before reaching the blockchain. The project aims to solve this problem. Our main objective is to guarantee that what it was measured by the sensor is, in fact, what is stored in the blockchain. The IoT sensor will not work as a wallet but, has similar concepts such as a unique address, unique private key and the ability to sign messages (classified messages). A blockchain interface layer, running on any IoT, will be implemented to avoid undue tampering with the transmitted and stored information.

Meet the team

Paulo Arede
Degree in Electronics Engineering and MSc in Digital Communications. Entrepreneur in hardware and software development for embedded systems solutions.
Easy relationship, has been working in many different environments, managing multidisciplinary and multicultural teams. Is always motivated for new ideas and R&D projects.

Tiago Pina
Master Degree in Electronics. Software development in smartphones APPs and blockchain solutions.
Is eager to learn and discover new things and solve the problems that arise.

Total funding received by SPIN & TURN – CONSULTADORIA DE SOFTWARE, LDA  under BlockStart: € 1,000 (Ideation Kick-off)