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Pescara, Italy

Established in 2015

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Smart Shaped Software makes enterprise software development faster, easier and more accessible. Through our low-code platform, AstraKode, we empower companies to develop and manage every phase of a software project’s lifecycle, from ideation to release. In 2019, by combining our values with our passion for blockchain technology, we ideated AstraKode Blockchain, an innovative platform that allows companies to design, build and test blockchain solutions in a very easy way, acting both as a playground for fast training and as an environment to build production grade solutions.

Smart Shaped will test and validate the following blockchain-based solution in the scope of BlockStart:

AstraKode Blockchain

AstraKode Blockchain is an all-in-one low-code platform for network design, smart contract development, and cloud testing and deployment. The aim of the project is to facilitate enterprise blockchain solutions by decisively lower entry barriers and development costs. The platform is highly adaptable to a wide range of use cases, and its low-code approach enables learning by doing and self-documentation and validation.

Key features:

  • Network Composer: visual environment (low-code) for the creation of custom blockchain networks;
  • Smart Contract IDE: visual development environment (low-code) for smart contracts;
  • Cloud Deployment: testing environment and integration with main cloud service providers to deploy and manage the networks and smart contracts created;
  • Community: the built-in community provides access to project discussion, peer support, and valuable learning content, both platform and technology related.

Meet the Team

Fabiano Izzo
Fabiano IzzoCEO & Founder
Fabiano is experienced in the following fields: software analysis, enterprise solution design, software development, solution testing and delivery, project management.
Lucio Menna
Lucio MennaCTO & Founder
Lucio has very extensive knowledge of the most used application servers, on AGILE methodologies, and on WEB technologies. Furthermore, Lucio is experienced with both permissioned and public blockchain solutions.
Damiano D’Amici
Damiano D’AmiciData/Business Analyst Developer
Damiano has extensive experience working with permissioned blockchain implementations, and has been one of the key people behind the ideation and design of AKB.
Stefano PellegriniBlockchain & Security Specialist
Stefano has a background in mathematics and cybersecurity, with a strong focus on permissionless blockchains and their technological details. He is passionate about cryptography and how it applies to innovative products and services
Marco FerrettiBusiness Analyst / Growth Hacker
Marco is experienced in digital marketing and growth hacking strategies. He has acquired analytical skills and knowledge on fundraising.

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Total funding received by Smart Shaped S.r.l. under BlockStart: €2,000  (€1,000 for Ideation Kick-off event 2 and €1,000 for Ideation Kick’off event 3)