Project Description

Shipping Platform that uses AI for freight search, data processing &  automation of workflow

Antwerp, Belgium

Established in 2016

Teaser of the company

Imagine a platform that allows you with instant search of the best shipping for any cargo regardless its  type, shape, quantity or destination? Shipnext is a solution that uses AI to help with instant freight  search, shipping data management, email processing, trade and workflow automation.

Shipnext test and validate the following blockchain-based solution in the scope of BlockStart:

Shipnext Supply Chain Ecosystem

Shipnext has two use cases of Blockchain technology, as part of its aim to create a  SupplyChain ecosystem. Through digitalisation of Freight matching, and data  processing, Shipnext takes both contracting parties, the Shipper and the Carrier, into a  Contractual relationship – Charter (Contract of Carriage). The use of the Platform  allows to provide a time stamp, a proof of ownership of the Cargo and the Ship, and  transfer this contract into a Smart Contract using DLT technology and  interconnectivity between multiple signatories and digital data-flows.  Blockchain is further used in creating the Ecosystem through the use of nodes that  would serve a dual purpose, both providing data-security as well as a cross-verification  of true data, to be further used in the optimisation model and the data-processing  algorithms.

Meet the Team

Alexandre Varvarenjo CEO
A Shipping professional with 23 year background in international shipping and transportation. Founder of an international Shipping company, MBA in Shipping and Port Management, Fellow of Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (UK)
Natalia Liashenko COO
PhD in Mathematical Programming and Business Modelling, ex-professor at Odessa National Maritime University
Sergey Semernev CTO
Master of Science in Programming, professional data scientist and programmer with deep knowledge of NodeJS, Machine Learning and Blockchain

Shipnext’s achievements

Total funding received by Shipnex BV under BlockStart: €1,000  for Ideation Kick-off event