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Cold-Chain monitoring: Sensors, ML and blockchain

Sintra, Portugal
Established in 2014

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Is your company fully digitalized? Sure, the front office and back office are already taking advantage of the latest innovations in technology. But, what about your logistics? Do you know where your products are at all times? And in which conditions? Temperature, Humidity? Did someone steal it or broke it? Whenever it is vaccines, organic food, or luxury products you need to monitor closely the location and conditions. Sensefinity offers a complete blockchain-based real-time sensor solution.

Sensefinity will test and validate the following blockchain-based solution in the scope of BlockStart:

Suppy Chain Traceability: A food’s Journey Story

Unlike front and backoffice processes, that have their digital transformation almost completed, logistics digitalization has a lot to be done. Although most of our life is passed online, most of our needs are still physical: food, clothes, transportation, healthcare. With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, logistics are on the spot to provide resilient and trusty supply-chains to cope with e-commerce growth and the challenges of the distribution of millions of vaccines.

The main challenges for supply-chains are location, conditions, identity, and trust. Location because we need to be sure, all the time, the location of the goods. Are they being stolen? Conditions because most products like organic food or vaccines need special conditions to be transported such as specific temperatures and humidity. Identity: since these logistic operations are complex and involve multi partners like trucks companies, air cargo, maritime containers, 3PL, last mile, etc (sometimes with some of these parties participating as sub-contract operations), there’s a need to control the identity of the parties and the handovers of the parcels. Finally, trust: all of this data (location, conditions, identity) is only as good as we trust that nobody changed or tampered it. Sensefinity offers a complete solution with sensors and trackers that monitor, in real-time, the transportation of goods alerting for problems but also store all that data in a blockchain (Hyperledger).

Meet the Team

Orlando Remédios
Orlando RemédiosCEO
Orlando Remédios is the founder and CEO of Sensefinity. He has worked in Portugal, Germany and in the US, first in Siemens, and then in Nokia Siemens Networks where he led projects with more than 250 people for Telecom and M2M markets.
Tiago Andrade
Tiago AndradeCMO
Tiago Andrade is the CMO of Sensefinity promoting its products and brand both with traditional and digital marketing strategies. Previously he was a cloud architect at Siemens and Nokia Siemens Networks designing busines intelligence solutions.
Rolf Glöckler
Rolf GlöcklerCOO
Rolf Glöckler is leading the Marketing and Sales Efforts at Sensefinity. Rolf has a vast experience in the German Speaking markets, having led as CEO Loewenbräu, as well as having several C-Level and VP positions at Danone, Überkinger and Henkel.

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Total funding received by Sensefinity LDA under BlockStart: €1,000  for Ideation Kick-off event