Our company offers specialised study, design and consulting services, as well as holistic solutions for power networks and infrastructures, covering the entire field of power production, transfer and distribution

Athens, Greece

Established in 2002


Teaser of the Company

IT technologies and communications are now changing cities, making them smarter. Every municipality and modern business is improving its services and is upgrading its infrastructure to the benefit of its citizens and its consumers.

They, therefore, need to be aware of and improve their energy footprint, applying smart service solutions, reducing the response time to requests, supporting the vulnerable groups of citizens, handling assets in the best possible manner and, thus, saving the relevant resources.

The term Smart City refers to the use of digital applications and ICT networks, aiming to a more efficient resource management and to the reduction of emissions for the improvement of life quality in the city.

More and more cities adopt technologies that can allow the smart use of transports, the correct use of water and

the best possible waste management, while they apply more efficient solutions for lighting and heating.

Especially large municipalities seek for innovative applications that not only modernise the public utility services, but that, also, increase the safety of the citizens – even more so, in situations of a crisis.

Smart cities make extensive use of electrical sensors of all kinds, to collect data from users, devices, buildings and

other infrastructures. The analysis of the data provides useful conclusions for energy saving, for the design of technical

projects and the co-ordination of maintenance works.

PROTASIS recognises the needs of the modern Municipality and Businesses, developing solutions that decrease the asset management costs. Based on years of experience and expertise in the field of energy, we use the knowledge extracted by data, providing our customers with the tools to receive the most up to date decisions.

The philosophy of PROTASIS is the development of smart applications that provide the necessary information, to the right people, at the right moment.

Meet the Team

Alexandra Georgiou
Alexandra GeorgiouMechanical Engineer
Alexandra was born in Athens, in 1997. She is graduating from the Technical University of Crete with a degree in Production and Management Engineering. In parallel with her studies she attended courses in Engineering and Product design in Boston University. She speaks fluently English and German.
Presently, Alexandra is doing her internship at PROTASIS, working for two CEF – Connecting Europe Facility projects (ALFION and EALING). Her main focus is on Cold Ironing feasibility studies and IOT applications for Smart Cities and Port Energy upgrade solutions
George Davanos
George DavanosElectrical Engineer
George is an Engineer with a Bachelor degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering and a Master degree in Automation Systems.
As a member of the Metering & IT Applications Department at PROTASIS, he assists sales and commercial departments in:
• gathering business requirements from clients and suggesting solutions
• defining technical requirements for project implementation
• understanding technical solutions from a high-level engineering perspective in the extend of providing first level support to customers
Evi Katogoudis
Evi KatogoudisHead of the Operation Devision
Evi is an Electrical Engineer (MSc, MBA), who brings with her about 27 years of experience in Management Consulting with solid experience in managing all levels of large-scale projects. Her focus lies on the Power sector specializing in Contract Management & Strategy Consulting for Smart Metering and Electrical infrastructure projects. As a hands-on person, Evi works with the team to ensure quality in all deliverables by continuously monitoring the progress.
Currently as a Bid and Contract Manager in PROTASIS SA, speaking EN, FR, GR she is actively helping the company to set up new business services and manage client relationships by establishing trust and rapport. She directs cross-functional teams in preparing qualifications, technical responses, and cost estimates in response to Requests for Proposal (RFPs) for both commercial and government clients
Vasilis Bakolas
Vasilis BakolasElectrical Engineer
Vasilis is an Electrical Engineer with 12 years experience in energy projects from design to implementation and roll-out. He is proficient in defining feasible alternatives and bringing technical ideas to fruition.
Vasilis is tri-lingual (EN, NL, GR) and has worked in various European companies focusing on the development of innovative solutions that enable the use of data and sensor technology to support decision making.
Inside PROTASIS he is an expert on distribution systems utilizing the experience gained from working at a Dutch Electricity Network Operator. His role in team “EVi” is to engage in developing smart solutions combining electric vehicles with sensor technology for various applications

Total funding received by Protasis S.A. under BlockStart: €1,500 for Ideation Kick-off event