Athens, Greece

Established in 2020

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A tremendous amount of web projects are the results of Open Source Software. Despite the values embraced, OSS development currently is centralized! Small groups own the project & make decisions which often are not in line with the beneficiaries of the project. This is because OSS is poorly incentivized & lacks governance mechanisms. Devs code only in their spare time & they cannot activate their full capacity. In some cases, coders get demotivated to even contribute due to opinionated leaders who discourage new engineers. Similarly, there is lack of long-term incentives for voluntary bug hunters, code reviewing, new phases to grow OSS. OSSdev is providing a protocol transforming OpenSource Software to Decentralized Autonomous Organizations which incentivise engineers to design novel OSS tech. We are utilising blockchain technology to offer a sustainable, decentralized OSS development governance toolkit to facilitate incubation, financing, and governance of Open Source Software Tech.

Meet the team

Nikolaos Kostopoulos is a Fintech advisor with a focus on Capital Markets & asset tokenization. Nikolaos is a pioneer in the consensus industry since early 2015. He is an early adopter and enthusiastic evangelist for decentralized technology as a way to improve many aspects of the modern world. His Master’s thesis “Developing an optimal financial and regulatory governance mechanism for cryptocurrencies in the European Union” was among the very first academic papers to argue the need and the method for regulating cryptocurrencies in the European Union. Nikos is a frequent speaker at financial events related to regulation and Security Token Offerings.

Total funding received by CAPITAL DEX – NIKOLAOS KOSTOPOULOS under BlockStart: € 1,000 (Ideation Kick-off)