Bochum, Germany

Established in 2018

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Like the Internet, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will change and revolutionize entire industries, as they open up new possibilities for digitizing complex processes. Therefore, the blockchain technology can be used across all industries.
MLCrypt GmbH promotes the mass adaptation of the blockchain technology. From start-up to consortium they support the practical use of this future-oriented technology. In an interdisciplinary environment they develop trendsetting DLT solutions. This plays a major role in making the blockchain technology tangible and understandable to all those involved in a process. Their focus is on the professional development of individual blockchain applications. A further business area is consulting of companies regarding possible applications of DLT technologies.

Meet the team

Cedric Lehmann
Cedric Lehmann brings to the founding team not only his technical expertise but also his business-oriented way of thinking through his studies in business informatics. He quickly recognized possible applications and the disruptive potential of blockchain technology. Cedric decided to become entrepreneurially active in this up-and-coming and future-oriented industry and to promote it.

Felix H. C. Maduakor
Felix H. C. Maduakor is co-founder of MLCrypt. He brings his extensive programming experience to the team. He is a certified IT security officer and risk manager. Within the team, Felix H. C. Maduakor is responsible for the implementation of secure blockchain applications and for IT security. He develops decentralized processes within the projects.

Total funding received by MLCrypt GmbH under Blockstart: € 1,000 (Ideation Kick-off)